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Frequent crashes since patch 0.8.3c and 0.8.3d


I have always had issues with LE crashing my PC in the past due to over heating mostly. However, I could still play somewhat regularly without significant crashes if I reduce my resolution to 720p & with all settings at the lowest. When the new patch came out, the stability for me improved, and I could play chapter 9 and some monos without major issues, until 0.8.3c and 0.8.3d.

I crashed constantly at monos, and it always led to blacked out screens with no way of restarting the PC unless I hard boot it. Sometimes, this doesn’t even work and I had to switch it off for at least 30 minutes before restarting the PC.

Usually, this also means my GPU doesn’t load up (graphics device driver error code 22 and 31) automatically. I have tried all methods mentioned by users here and the matter still persist.

Hope to have some solution and closure to this constant issue, as I really enjoy the game very much. To add on, I have no problems with other games on this very same PC.

DxDiag.txt (77.2 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (490 Bytes)
Player.log (42.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (3.5 MB)


From the info you provided:

I see you are using Vsync. From my experience with stability issues on this game, the vsync setting doesnt seem to work well - I would suggest enable framerate limiting instead - yes it does a simialr thing by limiting the game to the monitor Hz , but it seems that LE is much more stable with a framelimit instead… If you are experiencing screen tearing then try testing various fps to see if any provide a better result…

Your Radeonsoftware.exe (GPU driver) is crashing regularly (end of the dxdiag file)… specifically with driver_amdwvr.dll … It has also caused a LiveKernelEvent - This is obviously critical… I would suggest that you consider two things, rolling back to an alternative older (and perhaps more stable for your card) driver and doing a safe mode driver reinstallation (or use DDU) to make sure that your driver is actually installed properly…

Your comment about needing to switch your system off for 30 minutes can only mean that your GPU (or other system component like the PSU) is overheating and needs to reset before the system will allow you to restart… This is not a good sign and I would suggest you open your machine and while running, make sure that the fans are running properly and are clean etc…

LE is a beta game that is unoptimised (generally speaking) and as such it can place a lot of demand on a system, sometimes unneccessarily so unlike other games you can play, it is probably “stressing” your machine more than they are…

The most recent 0.8.3 set of updates/patches have both improved some performance but seems to have caused others (unconfirmed) there are people with high end machines experiencing performance drops - on your system spec, these performance drops would probably result in crashes… The devs are looking into this, but for now, you definitely need to address the issues I mention above…

Thank you for the diagnosis. As I expected, the overheating is the main issue. I will attempt all your suggestions before playing again. Have a good day.