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Freeze when opening skill/specialisation widow


When I reached the “The Courtyard” part of the “Ancient Era” I always freeze for 30± seconds when I open the Skill or specialisation window. I have no idea where this comes from and the same thing happens in a shorter duration when I shapeshift into the bear form. I already changed the settings and checked the files on the steam client I use. Another toon I play works fine right now but as soon as I play my Druid things go south in this area till the Endboss. As soon as I reached “The Outcast Camp” things work fine again. I don’t get what’s happening but it realy looks like my RAM is completly cluttered on all the map parts from “The Courtyard” up to “The Outcast Camp” when things normalise. Reloging has no impact on the problem tho. Are there any informations or known issues about this because I found nothing.

I read one Thing about thorn totem freezing up the specialisation window:

Someone also talks about bad Performance with many pets out. Maybe that helps.

At least it’s something but the number of summoned pets has no influence on it. Thx for the link anyway. It’s pretty obvious for that there are problems with bigger and more populated maps as it seems because outside of said maps things work normal most of the time.

Btw the freeze isn’t for specific skills. ALL skills are freezing in said zones when I open them up. Tested while picking a new specialisation or at least I tried to ^^.

I think an interesting test would be if another class has the same behaviour.
Like, play a mage, necro or knight to those zones and check if the skill window also freezes. Because afaik only primalists reported it currently.

Already on it but not much time atm.

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