Freeze upon opening Skill Book


Whenever I open my Skill Book, the game will freeze for about 30 seconds.

Same here. I like the game so far and everything works mostly fine. But as soon as i try to enter the skill book or even change a skill on the hotbar it freezes for 10 seconds+ which is kinda gamebreaking.

You’re gonna wanna post this in the bug reports section and follow this:

in order to attach your relevant files.

This is happening to me as well. The time that the game is frozen keeps increasing until the game just crashes eventually.

This is extremely annoying in HC especially when you can get killed while waiting for the game to respond.

My Friend has the Same Issue. He is Playing a Primalist / Beastmaster.

I have the same issue. I’m a Beastmaster too… maybe its a class issue ?

Doubt it haven’t seen it on my primalist or any other class.

I’ll have to wait until they fix it, i just can’t play with the current state.

I am also playing a Beastmaster though, maybe that’s part of the issue.

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