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Bug Reporting Guide

When should I make a thread?

Before making a thread, use the forum’s search function. If you find a thread for your bug, leaving a reply is still helpful-- you may be able to provide more information, and knowing how widespread an issue helps us prioritize fixing it!

Once you start a thread, make sure to include a specific title. “Fireball: Dancing Fire and Seeker’s Ash interaction” or “Stuck on staircase in End of Time” are much clearer than “Fireball issue” or “Movement bug”.

In general, make a different thread for each bug you find. If you find a few smaller bugs that are very closely related, it’s ok to make one thread.

What information should I include?

In a nutshell:

  • Walk us through what you were expecting to happen, and what happened instead.
  • Provide us with background and system information so that we can find the issue quickly.

You can follow this template:

Detailed description:
What were you doing at the time?
How consistently does this happen?
Operating System:
Diagnostic Files

Always include your system information (as some issues may vary from system to system) and your log file (which contains debug information). If you’re having graphical or performance issues, include your graphics settings.

Make sure to include as much detail as possible in each section! The more information we can get about what you are trying to do and what is happening, the easier it is to help. Understanding the background, such as your overall build and if the issue happens in multiple situations also helps.

Screenshots are also very important for almost all issues. You’ll have to use a hosting site-- we recommend imgur. When reporting skill issues, make sure to include a screenshot of your skill tree and/or passives, and for level design issues make sure your screenshot includes the minimap.