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FPS or Latency issue

I am curious to find out if this issue is due to FPS or Latency.
Especially in Chapter 2 maps, certain area within the map will suddenly lag spike from ãround 100 FPS down to single digit FPS. This is especially so when there are numerous walls and structures around the visible area.

Also interested to find out if player actions (such as skill casting, looting) in instances are server sided or client sided. Appreciate if some knowledgeable person may shed some light to my curiosity.


Apart from the obvious (chat, leaderboards, etc.) everything is currently client-side.

Please try the following;

  • Disable the Advanced Grass setting.
  • Set Grass Quality to Off.

Have the same, when I’m in Forsken Trails the performance just takes a nose dive sometimes, changing the graphics settings doesn’t do anything. Advanced Grass and Quality is off, so that’s not the reason.

I haven’t personally been able to reproduce anything as severe as the huge drop reported in @sammyong’s post. That’s not to say that it isn’t happening to some people, but that our ability to specifically work on this is constrained by a current lack of information.

Our next patch should improve performance in Chapter 2 zones somewhat. If performance is particularly bad in specific areas, then screenshots including the mini map in top-right corner would help us a lot in identifying the cause and optimizing accordingly.

It’s never a bad idea to include this information in case an issue is particularly pronounced on certain CPU architectures, is exacerbated by certain driver versions, or whatever.

DxDiag.txt (83.7 KB)

I used your in-game fps counter, fraps basically showed me the same. Pictured are my settings, the new hub, my fps doubled just running from the starting point to the other side of the hub, and three pictures of the forsaken trail, just moving a couple of metres right and up from the portal.

Now I know I don’t have a high-end pc, but I can run most of other games on ultra or high on 1080p and have 60 fps, but never get there with this alpha. I turned most settings down to medium and the performance is just not great as you can see in the screenshots. Turning everything off and all settings to low still doesn’t get me a stable 60fps. Hope that helps, if you want me to test other stuff I’d be happy to oblige.

Edit: I’m on Radeon 19.1.2, which should be the latest drivers. And the card gets really loud and hot when playing, so I guess GPU is at 100% all the time.

Did some more testing with everything turned to low and everything turned off (and using fraps this time though there really is no difference betweeen this and the in-game one), hope it helps.

And also Windowed Mode (highest it would give me, so 1680x1050) with the same low settings as before. If you think this is overkill, please feel free to delete these. There were hardly any spikes in Forsaken Trail, so I’ll just post one picture. The difference in End of Time is always the same strangely.

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