FPS issues due to Shadow Textures

I have to say, so far, I’m enjoying the game, so this issue I’m posting about isn’t a huge make a break for me to continue to play.

That being said, it is near unplayable if I have the shadows on anything above low, because the FPS is so bad. It didn’t take me long to figure out, since shadow textures are a problem with a lot of games.

I’m willing to try other settings if there are any suggestions.

glad you posted this. I have an i9900k with a GTX 1080 and have FPS issues on Ultra preset (I shouldn’t lol) – I’ll try this and some other tweaks out.

Yea interestingly for my comp; there is only 5 fps differences between ultra and very low settings. Pretty much enjoying the game but it lacks the smooth feeling of gameplay due to fps issues.

At the very begining of the game probably it would notfeel too much but after mob density gets higher probably it would become impossible to enjoy.

This has helped me, thanks.
Not perfect, but it helped. :slight_smile:

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