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FPS issue with 3060 TI GPU

Hello, when I am not fighting mobs game is running at around 200 FPS, but as soon as I start fighting a pack of more than 5 mobs FPS drops to below 30 FPS, I am playing on very low settings. I tried a bunch of tweaks but nothing seems to be working. This is very infuriating.

I would recommend trying to verify your game files first

I did, everything is in order.

I would recommend playing on highest settings. It’s weird but sometimes setting things low does the opposite you expect. I have a 3070 and rarely drop below 100 fps no matter what’s going on.

The other issue could be your own PC is throttling itself, maybe because of temperatures. While in game you can press alt+z to bring up the nvidia overlay and look at performance, it will tell you everything from clock speeds to temperatures.

Same performance on both max and lowest settings. Temps look normal, 70C GPU.

Any other tips guys?

What are your settings? (le_graphicsmanager.ini?)

LE doesnt need high FPS - its not a first person shooter where each millisecond counts… High FPS spikes like you are describing tend to happen if you let the game max out your GPU by not limiting it in some way and when the game demands more, the FPS drops dramatically. If you are running 200fps, then I gather you do not have any framerate limits in place so the game just does whatever it wants.

I would recommend putting in a framerate limit of 100fps (depending on your resolution/monitor capability 100fps for 1080p on a 3060ti) and seeing if this makes any difference.

OTher things:

The game is beta and unoptimised… So certain skills/builds and high mob/minion density can cause a lot of FPS degradation… This is “normal” and known… so if you are doing big mob pulls with full screen wipe type skills, then fps will drop… same with having multiple minions running all over proccing skills… Not much that can be done in these instances other than being conservative with game settings to compensate…

Things like third party apps running in background can have an impact on performance - temporariliy dont use any while testing LE. Doesnt matter how irrelevant you think it could be… just dont use it.

Also, make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date and that you dont have conflicting configurations between your driver and the game settings - i.e. overriding settings in the driver but trying to use them in the game and vice versa…

Monitor your CPU/GPU/Memory when you see the fps drop - that may give you an idea of what potentially is happening - i.e. CPU spike, GPU clock speed changes, temps etc…

You dont mention it, but are you using a laptop? If you are, make sure its pegged in performance mode while playing and plugged into external power… Dont let it do the normal laptop dynamic performance crap while trying to play.

Beyond that, you would have to include much more information - player.logs, le_graphicsmanager.ini, output of a dxdiag system report etc… Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

Thank you, I will try limiting my FPS, maybe it helps a bit.

ConfigVersion = 3
MasterQuality = Ultra
TerrainQuality = Ultra
ShadowQuality = Ultra
DetailShadows = false
HBAO Quality = Ultra
SetHX = Ultra
Reflections = Ultra
ScreenSpaceReflections = Ultra
GrassDensity = Full
antialiasingMode = OFF
ColorGradingIntensity = Medium
vertical Sync = Off
StreamerMode = false
LimitForegroundFPS = false
MaxForegroundFPS = 60
LimitBackgroundFPS = false
MaxBackgroundFPS = 30
SelectedMonitor = 0
ScreenMode = ExclusiveFullScreen
Resolution = 1920x1080

Theser are my current settings. Thing is, game runs exactly the same on both ultra and very low. Also, I’m not on a laptop, I’m on a PC. I monitored both my CPU and GPU temps for potential spikes and everything looked regular, nothing crazy.

DxDiag.txt (92.2 KB)
Player.log (307.1 KB)


Although you are using a 30 series card and only 1080p, Ultra mode is known to do odd things in terms of performance… and imho for not that much visual difference - especially in the heat of busy play when an extra sparkly is hardly noticed… I would not recommend using it - especially if you are experiencing performance issues… High or Very High would, imho, perform noticeably better and I doubt you would notice the difference most of the time… Remember the game isnt optimised yet so maxing out settings and experiencing performance issues is to be expected.

You are not using vsync or framerate limiting and your monitor supports 144hz so there is virtually nothing restricting LE from going crazy… especially using Ultra settings (yes… even at only 1080p). From my experience helping out on the forums and playing for 1.5k hours, leaving the game unlimited causes much more pronounced FPS spikes and performance/stability/freezing issues vs. enabling a lower max framerate and giving your GPU some headroom to ramp up when it needs to. For example, with no limit, you may achieve 144+ framerates, but an FPS spike might be as high as 60-80fps… which is horrible when playing… in contrast, if you set the framerate limit to 75-90fps (more than enough for LE imho), you might only get an FPS spike of 20fps, which is far less noticeable and makes the game overall smoother…

Obviously the existing performance issues still apply (as noted above) but at least its less extreme at lower quality/lower fps max…

As a rule of thumb, I recommend people try and make sure their GPU usage is between 60-70% in town doing nothing (adjust fps max, quality, res to achieve this)… This seems to be the sweet spot in terms of leaving the GPU some headroom for busy play moments and makes the inevitable spikes less harsh/pronounced for most people.

The player.log is fairly normal in terms of the debug messages - there is however one:
d3d11: swapchain SetFullscreenState failed (887a0022). This is DirectX related and could either be something wrong with the Screen Mode you have selected (I use the same without any errors) or perhaps something wrong with your GPU drivers. Because of this error I would recommend a safe mode clean GPU driver installation (manual or use something like DDU) to make sure that your driver is correctly installed and there isnt some messed up DLL or something… Note: dont just do a driver upgrade - that doesnt always replace problem files/remove unneccessary ones.

The screen mode chosen has caused some performance issues with 30 series GPUs a few patches ago… because of this (and the error you are getting) I recommend trying the different modes to see if there is any difference for you… Also, make sure that your GPU Drivers dont have screen mode overrides in place.

Looking at the DXDiag…

Windows 11… Should be fine now that the inital OS performance issues have had some attention but I would recommend that you check you have all the patches etc installed… I would also make sure that your motherboard BIOS is updated (there is an F8 version for critical vulnerabilities) and that any hardware device drivers are updated.

The diagnostic section of the dxdiag shows various errors… (end of the file)…

Most of the the RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 type errors are memory handling that can usually be ignored (tend to happen if an app closes without releasing memory properly to windows)… Windows 11 has had memory leak problems so its probably a good idea to check your patching and if those apps have updates etc.

There is also a problem with updating MS Edge browser - which may or may not be causing other background issues while you are playing. Probably should check that.

Most importantly: you are getting LiveKernelEvent 141 errors (I see 2, there may be more in your Event Viewer/View Reliability History)… If you google this error you will see that its potentially serious as it could indicate an underlying hardware problem (anything from overheating, power delivery issues, failing components etc), device driver issues or even corrupted system files/dlls… Irrespective of whatever LE is doing, I recommend you troubleshoot these and find out exactly what the issue could be. The key is to figure out what caused these and deal with it before something serious happens… Maybe its simple, like a device driver but whatever the cause, I wouldnt ignore it.

Thank you so so much for taking the time to write that out and help me. I will go through everything you said and hopefully it will improve my experience.