FPS Drops

IDK if it is just me but in some zones my fps goes down too much. I approximately get 70+, even 90+ in some zones. But for example in Ruins of Welryn I get 30-40 fps barely. Also, some effects kill fps too like I encountered a fire dragon today and one of his attack was throwing few fire AoE’s to the ground and when it happens I get like 30 fps (normally 70+ in same zone). Is there optimization problems in some zones and effects?

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I have the same issues.
Example:monster’s ice/fire/necrotic throwing attack
When these fx appears,the fps drop rapidly.
I guess your PC is better than mine.My graphic card is Geforce GTX 950m,which is lower than the game’s lowest requirement.My graphic settings is ALL LOW, 1280*720 Resolution. Sometimes fps can reach 50+,average 20-30fps.I played 200 hours.

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Yes, the game still has optimization issues. It goes better patch after patch, but there’s still work to do and EHG planned it. Next patch will probably see a new bunch of performance upgrades. That happens with games that are still in beta, but EHG takes it very seriously.

I am using GTX1650 and my settings are low too except shadow and terrain which is medium. I didn’t see big differences between low and high except shadow setting so I set them low-medium.

Hey there… Welcome to the forums @Asphyxis @M3_Lewis

@M3_Lewis I must commend you on playing LE for 200h with your configuration. Seriously. I would be unable to - simply dont have the patience. Unfortunately, I dont think that the game optimisation that the devs would have to do before official launch will help that much with your system tho… Even if they are Gandalf level dev wizards, anything they do is unlikely to help substantially for you. :frowning:

As @Shtrak mentioned, the game is generally unoptimised so there are lots of known instances where you will experience FPS drops - sometimes substantial. It can be caused by mob/minion desnsity, specific skill effects, numer of skill procs all happening at the same time, specific maps & environmental effects and various other causes… even picking up lots of gold drops in quick succession will drop the fps.

The only workaround we players have right now is to be conservative with settings to compensate… For example, I run a i5-7500/1060/16gb/NVME setup and i run the game on 1080p, 60fps max framerate, every quality setting & special effect on very low or disabled. The game WILL run on higher framerates, with higher quality, but the side effect of this is that it becomes unstable (crashes), freezes occasionally and FPS spikes go from being barely noticeable 10fps to death causing 40fps spikes.

Beyond resolution and quality, one KEY setting wrt FPS drops is making sure your GPU is not maxed out all the time. This makes a BIG difference to fps spikes/drops during play. A general rule of thumb is to keep your GPU usage at 60% while standing in town doing nothing (no skill effects etc). Leaving this headroom usually means that you get a much smoother performance while playing. Oh and never leave the framerate unlimited or too high for your gpu…

haha, perhaps i should buy a new PC to get better game experience.:joy:

Just dont base your required spec on LE… You’d need some petaFLOPs beast with a bitcoin miners wet dream GPU rack to play the current version of LE in 8k Ultra quality at 120fps…


If only LE were GPU-bound rather than CPU-bound…

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Its not just you, the game is badly optimised, and needs sorting out before MP otherwise it could potentially just be a slip n slide show.

Been complaining about the performance for a long time. LE is probably up there with one of the worst performing games I’ve ever played, despite years of ‘optimisations’ in patch notes. It’s just so wildly inconsistent. And I’m not saying they haven’t made progress with said optimisations… but they haven’t translated on my end much.

I’m constantly changing my gfx settings. I run native 1440p, I scale down to 1080p, I’ve used Nvidia image scaling and been through all of those options in the Nvidia control panel, every option in the game in every configuration I can think of.

I can have 130fps one second, and 40fps the next. It’s worse when there’s lots of spell effects and seemingly, projectiles as well. It’s almost like there’s way too many calculations going on. It also feels like the performance degrades over time. Sometimes I think it’s magically fixed, and I have a great run with 60+ FPS for a couple of Monoliths. Then, it’s just goes down hill.

Abilties feel like they are lagging when pressed despite fps being roughly 50-60fps. Abilities triggering don’t seem to match up with the smoothness of the FPS at times. Sometimes, I can get the game running better on a higher gfx setting, like ‘High’, but it doesn’t last long.

So I pretty much install LE every 3 or 4 months now and check it out for a few days (like I am currently) no improvement for me, so I uninstall it again, which sucks because I have almost 600hrs played and I love this game. I’ve created a thread on the games performance once or twice already, had many conversations in Discord but there’s never been a solution.

One repeatable example I can prove it with is Scalebane mobs. The big poison channeled spell they do tanks my FPS. Just like Wengari Shaman used too and the Molten Orb throwing creatures. There’s plenty of other mobs that noticeably tank the FPS too.

Is this just an AMD problem if the game is CPU bound? Do people with Intel CPU’s suffer with this?

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Hey there…

As you are probably already aware, the game does generally suffer from performance issues - its beta and unoptimised so thats expected… There are GPU & CPU related issues…

Usually this state of the game, means that you just have to be conservative with your settings & moderate your expectations - i.e. the game isnt going to perform as you may expect a fully complete and optimised game to perform on your specific hardware. The other issue here is that this is not a game that demands a high fps - its not a competitive first-person shooter where every millisecond counts so there is no need to aim for 130fps.

You havent provided specifics as to your hardware so its impossible to provide specific suggestions & guesses as to what performance would be expected in your situation but there are plenty of workarounds and things to do to improve the games performance and stability right now. There are quite a few things to do that will address things like wildy spiking fps etc… and there are lots of issues where certain settings & even third party applications can have a big impact on specific issues.

As an example of a gauge of performance: I use a i5-7500/1060 3gb/16gb/NVME setup and I have found the best (most stable fps and game stability - no crashing) configuration is 1080p, all settings on very low, special features disabled (shadows etc), framerate limit in game to 60fps. I CAN run it with better settings and get higher fps (100+), but then I get increased instability (game can sometimes freeze for a few seconds and potentially crash when loading into new areas), wildly varying fps spiking and generally odd behaviour… WIth these settings I play 90% of the game at about 45-55fps with very busy moments dropping to the 30s for a second or two… Its totally playable imho and I have no problems that I would consider game ruining…

So… Assuming your hardware is capable, and that you are willing to provide more information & are willing to accept that you will have to make some compromises to get the best out of the current state of the game, then there are probably ways to help you.

I’m completely willing to provide my system specs, again, for however many times I have provided them now. I’m sure there’s a thread that was archived last year that had it all in there as well as the most recent.

As for it not being competitive enough to warrant 130fps, that’s subjective. I’ve played games at 60fps long enough now where I can definintely tell the difference between 60 and 120fps, like in PoE as an example. Dodging out of attacks, firing spells between packs, moving around smoothly and quickly, it all relies on high FPS. But sure, I’ll even take a solid 60fps in LE for now which I think my rig is more than capable of holding in this game.

It’s the inconsistency. I’ve literally just written what I’m about to repeat, in the ‘ask the devs’ channel in Discord, in releation to asking about any graphics files we can tinker with apart from the generic one. I know they wont answer or comment on my statements because they haven’t ever done so before. If this has been addressed at length somewhere, I’d love to see it.

Standing at the end of a monolith, on ‘high’ settings, averaging around 74fps standing still. That’s fine. As soon as I cast entangling roots once, immediate 7-10fps drop. That’s just one spell. Now as you can probably work out, combine that with casting several other abilities, enemies casting spells and abilities, loot dropping, corpses, background animations etc. The FPS variance is wildly irregular… for me.

Standing still at the End of Time where you begina monolith run, on Very Low gfx settings, 119FPS. Fantastic, give me that all day. If I cast entangling roots once, drops to 99fps and then eventually builds up to 119fps again.

I entered a monolith right after this, standing still on Very Low settings, 150+ fps. The first pack of 3 mobs, I charged, used Maul - dropped to the 60’s. Subsequent packs of enemies and I saw FPS as low as 42… from 150 at the start.

I’m not trying to argue that games ‘in beta’ should be fully optimised. However, it’s been years of patch notes and ‘improvements to performance’ listed in them in some way or another. It has not improved for me much at all. I will say, I haven’t been getting 13fps in group battles anymore, that’s a bonus.

What I wish EHG would do, is release some kind of performance metrics driven by user data and not their own machines. I’d love to know the average system specs vs. FPS people are receiving. I’d love to see a large post addressing just performance. What causes these issues, what can be done, what has been done, what is there to do? Is it a limitation of Unity? Does this game run better on certain hardware combinations? Why are people happy to settle for sub-par FPS in the hope that "it’s just beta, it’ll get fixed’.

My worry for quite some time has been Multiplayer and the performance surrounding it. Now, with Multiplayer maybe it brings servers or peer to peer connections? I have no idea if that will help or hinder the issue. I hope that it’s a really smooth experience.

As a side note, my friend says LE runs fine on his 3080… You can’t tell me LE needs a 3080 to guarantee a smooth experience.

To end, I love this game and I want to play it and enjoy it, but I can’t. If you can enjoy playing this at 40fps, I’m happy for you, trully. But I simply can’t enjoy it as much as I want too.

Well, this is subjective sure and I also notice the difference between 60 and 120fps performance… BUT this has a very important repercussion with the state of game right now - If you do not restrict LE from maxing out your GPU, it will do so (sometimes unneccessarily) and when it does this, the game has issues that present as huge FPS spikes, crashing & freezing. The simplest way to prevent this is to limit the in-game framerate. Even people using 3080 level GPUs have found that by implementing the fps limit at a point that prevents the game from going off the rails, can make for a much smoother experience… FPS spikes similar like the ones you describe are a known side effect of this issue. I get the exact same thing if I remove the fps limit on my setup… With the fps limit at an appropriate level (that prevents the GPU from maxing out), I get very smooth consistent performance (albeit lower than 60fps) on my 6 year old hardware. It may not be good enough for you, but for my hardware I feel that its ok/expected/I can live with it. Sure I hope for better but for now it is acceptable for me - my hardware is not quite potato level yet, but its definitely not something I would expect Ultra level performance on.

Obviously this goes hand in hand with the other game settings - i.e. setting it on higher quality impacts the GPU usage too… This is the compromise that I was referring to. There are also very odd behaviours with quality settings… e.g. the difference in quality between High and Ultra is relatively low, but the difference in performance impact is disproportionally large… Same thing happens between Very low & Medium…

And I am not even addressing the CPU bound issues… an entirely difference but relevant issue when the game is in situations where there are lots of minions, mobs, pets and everything proc’ing all over the place…

EHG have acknowledged the performance issues and have made improvements with each patch - as you have experienced… They may not have specifically added more than a single line item to a patch update but they are definitely doing what they can - its obvious in the last 18months to anyone who has played that things have improved…

They have even made note that after 0.8.5 there will be more attention given to to performance…

Regarding MP - they have made already many changes to the game with regards to MP performance - behind the scenes and obvious things like minion limits - imagine if they allowed the old 100+ necro summons for all 4 players in MP… So they are definitely working on this issue and have made comments to this effect on discord, here and in the dev streams… Based on past experiences, I am willing to trust that they are dealing with this - if they arent then MP will fail so its unlikely they are ignoring this.

Thats entirely up to you… For me its a question of what I expect performance to be on my old hardware… not what I want… I am a realist here… I would be an absolute idiot if I expected my old setup to perform at Ultra quality, 1080p, 120fps…

Well exactly that. On a 3700x and a 1080, I’d expect to see 60 fps. As I’ve stated, the hardware can certainly do it. 70 odd FPS on High, 150+ fps on ultra low, standing still etc. I see the numbers but they don’t really do anything lol.

I realise I’m not really going to get anywhere here, it’s more of a rant for me to get it off my chest again as I slowly accept my fate for god-knows how much longer. And I guess just to support the OP that he isn’t alone in the struggles to get this game running in a consistant manner.

Side note: Glad you were around to have a yarn with Vapour :wink:



Out of curiosity, what’s your cpu? When your fps tanks, does your cpu usage spike? Is it on proc-heavy builds (or a build with 50 million Wraiths, which is no longer a thing)?

It’s not specifically an AMD cpu issue since I have a 3800x and a 2070 super (& 32 gig of ram if that helps) and generally don’t have such spikey fps despite playing at 1440 on ultra, though I’m not saying my fps is super high.

Edit: didn’t see your last post…

Yeah Llama, 3700x cpu, 1080gpu, 32gb ram, m.2 samsung evo. THe weakest link is the 1080 but it’s should be more than enough for 60fps in LE, if it manages to do that in PoE and Wolcen (lol).

My CPU is generally even keeled when there’s heaps going on. There’s obviously peaks and troughs but nothing I could really say eureka, there’s the problem! LE 100%'s the GPU if I uncap it, which I think it does to every card. But I’ve had it capped at 60 for some time now. I just like to uncap it and try my luck when I come back to the game, hoping to see that rock solid 80 or 90fps y’know?

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On my 3rd day of playing the game I have had massive FPS drops in the Welryn area as well. The first 2 days were smooth.

Playing on high settings with new hardware.

While this would be acceptable for a true beta, it is not so acceptable for one you are paying money for. I simply do not accept the beta excuse when you are asking people to pay you to beta test for you. This is a huge red flag for me.

The “beta” is not an excuse, it’s something that explains why the game is not fully polished yet.

Welcome to the forums…

If this is your interpretation of the “Early Access” warning on the Store page in Steam, then I would suggest that you do not purchase games that have this Early Access warning/note. You will live a far less stressful life without frustration and dissapointment…

My personal view on this is that if you purchase a game in Early Access, you are paying to support the further development of the game - you are not purchasing a complete product - it may or may never reach that stage… If the game fails, isnt completed or doesnt meet my expectations of it, then I take the loss on the chin… Thankfully in this case I am fairly sure that LE will launch as expected and even if it doesnt I have more than gotten my monies worth.

If the game was fully released and completed then thats an entirely different discussion and I would, like most people, be disappointed and consider things like refunds…

For now, if you want better performance, just be conservative with the settings and moderate your expectations as the devs work on the game… and yes, there are issues… if you want to help the game & devs and the future success of your “investment”, then post your findings in the appropriate places (or confirm existing reports) so that they can add them to the list of things to fix…

Cannot really offer more advice…

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And after hundreds of hours in the game, moreso a red flag than ever before, along with the fact this game was in development some time prior to 2018 is a huge concern for many since it lacks so many fundamental features of what is vital for a simple video game today. They will have to repay that Tencent loan somehow however, eh.