FPS drop and crash

FPS drop after my internet shut down.
A second time i use teleportation portal at the same time my internet shut down and the game crash.



Please can you post your player.log & le_graphicsmanager.ini file and the output of your dxdiag report if you are using windows.

The game requires the internet for verification and global chat… If the internet disconnects, there are timeout issues etc that can cause problems but dont generally cause the game to crash.

If you provide the files above, then we can see if there is a specific reason for the issue.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (481 Bytes)
Player.log (10.3 KB)
DxDiagloofok.txt (103.3 KB)

Thanks for this information.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. LE is in beta and is unoptimised… It has performance related instability that means that players need to be conservative with their settings to ensure that the game is stable on their systems. Your settings file says you are trying to run the game in Ultra mode, with unlimited framerates with all special effects on maximum… With your hardware, these settings are almost guaranteed to make the game crash regularly - especially during loading new maps (portals) or busy in-game moments.
    I recommend that you reduce your settings substantially and for testing purposes set everything to Very Low quality and disable all other special effects. You also need to enable a framerate limit - your monitor can only support 60hz. so set your framerate to 60fps and do not change it. If the game is stable at these very low settings then you can consider increasing the quality one by one and testing to find the best settings for your system.

  2. Your Windows 10 is 19041 - there are two large patches 19042/43 and you should update your OS.

  3. Please verify the game files through steam to make sure the installation is correct.

  4. Your GPU drivers are from May… They should be ok, but you might want to consider updating them… If you are using version 466.77 then please use a different driver.

  5. The Dxdiag diagnostic section (end of the file) is showing that Last Epoch is crashing on the Unityplayer.dll - this is the game engine… Normally random problems with this error are usually resolved with verifying the game files and updating the GPU drivers or changing graphics settings…

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