Found a hidden room

Thought I would share something I discovered today. I found a hidden “level” for lack of better word during the Imperial Era on the “Barren Aqueduct” level. It’s actually more of a tunnel that leads to a small room with a couple treasure chests but it was very well hidden. At the top of the map, on the far right, you will come across a drainage tunnel with bars across the front barring your way. You’ll notice the bars will light up if you hover your mouse over them (at least they do for me). Hit them with your weapon and suddenly you will be able to walk right through them. It leads to a level called “The Fractured Drain” but, like I said, it’s just a bit of tunnel that leads to a small room with chests. I’m not sure what prompted me to hit the bars with my weapon but I did and VOILA! Next time I play I’ll try and take of screenshot of the exact location for you all (assuming I can post screenshots here on the forums). Has anyone else found any hidden areas like this? I’d love to go check some more out.


There is one in the courtyard before Eterra’s temple. The one you found. One in the Verdant Lakes.
I think that’s it. As far as I know they don’t do anything special at the moment.

Edit: Interestingly, the one you mention used to be bugged and we couldn’t enter it, although we could see the entrance. Last week in 0.9 was my first time actually getting inside.

There’s one in a much earlier zone in the ruined era as well. It has some dragon murals on the wall/floor?

does it gave you something good? or just basic rares?
Really cool that they have a few secret rooms. I hope they will add more things like this.
Or maybe they did but we didnt found out yet :wink:

There is also one one in the imperial era Welryn (or whatever the city is called, I am not home so cant check) - a hidden entrance to some kind of a cathedral with a mini boss and a couple of chests (6 or 7 I think). Been there since .8 maybe earlier but thats when I found it first

Doesn’t drop anything special at the moment, afaik

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Its just a bunch of normal chests, so whatever they can drop.

Nah, nothing special. Seems they just contain whatever general items are in the loot tables. I got some fairly useless weapons and armor, some affixes and some gold. I just thought it was cool to find this area and now that others have posted more locations I am definitely gonna go check 'em out.

You know, I think I stumbled across that one. I ran into a door that lit up when I moved my mouse over it. I didn’t think about hitting it though. I just assumed it was a bug. Now I’m gonna have to go investigate.

Really? Before the one in the courtyard? Then there is one I don’t know. That’s exciting! :smiley:
Edit: Oh wait, the one at the entrance of the precipice? It is so small I don’t see it as a secret area, but it is definetely one.

Ah, yes, of course, I forgot this one. Only one with a mini-boss afaik (more mini than boss, he is not very scary).

there was one in heoborea, but I don’t think it can be accessed now because you can’t “open” the door when skills are disabled in town.

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Oh, wow, thanks for that, I had never seen that one! Amazing! :smiley:

(I can use skills in town, I play offline)

Can confirm . only standard chests…

Though i’d like to ask; wouldn’t it be cool that, on first visit of the secret locations, there would be a chance (let’s say 25%) that the chests drop somethin unique or set-relevant to your char?

It would give the secret areas a much more vibrant feel - and would encourage players to go treasure-hunting…

Maybe give it a try, EE games?


That would be awesome. I could get behind that idea.

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I’ve never seen this one before but there is one in the Storerooms in chapter 1. It’s an Easter Egg and has no actual treasure (a bunch of barrels to bust which “could” give you something) but a nod to a certain young lady. :slight_smile:

One of them has a spotlighted chest that is bugged and doesn’t drop anything.

I say ‘spotlighted’ because it’s all glowy and lit up like it’s supposed to be something special and looks very different from the other chests. But when you click it, nothing. No open animation. no sound. :man_shrugging:

I think these secret areas with the chest (Verdant Lake one is different, if I recall, it doesn’t have any chests) are either just quick ‘cash’ grabs for players as they level or that they’re meant to eventually be something. The Verdant Lake especially.

I really love the artwork in the one that has the statues beneath the walkway you’re on. Can’t remember which one that is.

EDIT: Anddddd just now saw that this was a thread necro (curse you @Travoas :crazy_face:)

You can, the door animation just doesn’t do anything. You just kind click a few times until you suddenly load into the secret area. :flushed:

Sorry bud, just figured I’d use this one instead of opening a whole new one for just one “Easter Egg” secret area.

The one you mentioned about the 'spotlighted" chest, if it’s the same one I’m thinking off the temple courtyard with 2 other chests, I opened a bug report on that one a while back. I don’t think it’s supposed to be empty.

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Pretty sure it used to contain stuff (generic stuff, but still) and is now bugged.

Another note, when you enter the bellfry secret room in Welryn to fight the mini boss, the exit is bugged, you now have to portal out. Path outside is visible but cannot be used.

What do you make of the one you just found in the storerooms? I visited it a few times, even mentionned it in a post just after 0.9 came out, but nobody replied and I am not sure I get the reference…

[PS: Great necro! Have a cookie!]

Ah, yeah it wasn’t always empty just don’t know when the bug hit (which patch).

The reference is to sleeping beauty, the poisoned apple.

When you say storerooms. Is it in the first area AFTER you hit the base? There’s a side quest in it that some soldier says, dude go destroy that armor for me it’s cramping my style?"

That area? I didn’t realize there was a secret area in that one. I’ll have to go find it.