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It may be a silly question but… how do I display my Supporter Pack badge under my avatar here? :slight_smile:

Have you clicked on your avatar in the top left and selected your profile to check you badges section there to see if you have the marked for display?

EDIT: I’m not saying this is the issue, I have never had to do this as mine showed up automatically. If you do go through that and can’t then you might need to open a support ticket (Technical Support).

Yep, there’s no badges section in my profile preferences and I feel silly to open a support ticket only to get my badge :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m surprised to see i got a badge with the basic edition purchased 1 day before release heh.

says i get “First Travelers” badge (237 awarded). but i cant seem to apply it so it shows.
also only 237?

click the 3 lines right next to your icon top right. it’s in that dropdown menu, first section, bellow FAQ.

If memory serves, The First Travelers Badge was awarded during Alpha. I have it as well but cannot apply it. I have a ton of other badges that do not show up in my badges section but seem to appear on the left. As long as the game is working, I am happy lol.


Yes, I can see this section now. But not my “Eternal Legend” :upside_down_face:

I wonder if it has anything to do with how you bought the supporter pack. IE through Steam or the website?


All mine were through the website.

I purchased both of my “Eternal” Supporter Packs on Steam, and it took a few days for the badges to show up here on the website. When they did, they automatically showed on my profile. Just give it some time. :slight_smile:


Welsh “typo” in the title of the topic with two “Ff” :))) By the way, a fun fact - in Welsh language there are also often two letters “Dd”, and in Russian layout there is a letter “B” on this key and when I write words with this letter in Russian , I automatically get two “BB” :))))

Let’s see if mine show up… Nope, just the one.

Just a guess.

Maybe you have to link Steam with the LE site?

The link has the Steam Connect as well.

I had to contact the support to have them add it. It might not be automatic.

The account management is buggy af. You don’t really have the first traveler badge. That was given even before Kickstarter.

As mentioned to OP, that badge precedes even Kickstarter.

ah bummer. but it makes sense now heh.

i understand in-game bugs but wasn’t expecting some on the templated website lol

Alrighty, thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder.