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For the love of god - PLEASE unlock empowered timelines account wide

Leveling a new character is (for a lot of peoeple - not everyone of course) a chore. The “endgame” is when most ARPGs start to get fun. But having to go through the regular timelines for every single character to reach empowered echos is a pain.

After playing for a few hundret hours you don’t even get much from it - Glyphs, Runes and basic items / uniques for every build are already stashed in abundance. It’s just a time consuming task that gates the “fun” part of the game.

Having to grind to empowered timelines has made me quit playing a buinch of build cause I can’t be bothered :frowning: It sucks all the joy out of a new character I want to run.


Not sure I agree on this one…

There has to be some sort of gate to the end-game content and just unlocking empowered for the whole account just because one character cleared seems a little too easy… Dungeons/Arenas have keys, monos have preceeding completion requirements…

Maybe as more game content is included and other end-game modes are added, this suggesiton could be less of a concern…

Personally, if I agreed with you, I’d rather suggest that empowered are opened account wide for something more goal orientated - i.e. get a char to lvl 100 and empowered is unlocked for all EXISTING characters on the account… want more characters unlocked later, get another char to lvl 100…


Totally agree on this one! The grind for Alts is way to long - you have your stash full with nice gear and to go the hole way to empowered timeline is tooooo grindy! Have quit already to chars because I just cant be botherd to go all the way again. Due to this I started respeccing my existing chars… which I normally dont like at all! Please change this in some kind of way!


Yeeess, I’m only on my 3rd character, and I’m not even on empowered timelines, just the level 80 one, but going through the easy slog just feels like a waste of time. Maybe skipping all of them would be too much, but options to get to harder content faster for strong characters would be nice

It seems similar to if we had to go through each map tier on each character in PoE.


I agree.
It’s enough that you have to replay the whole story over and over again and because you can’t respec your mastery class, you have to do that like 15 times at least to get every class through the story.
And as much as I love grinding stuff I really don’t like when I lose progress I already achieved. Imagen the whole atlas gets resettet when you make a new char in PoE.

Imo, an ARPG like Last Epoch should keep the player busy by giving them something to chase on with kinda like random factors.Honestly the potential on uniques is one of the best motivating chasing goals I’ve ever seen in an ARPG. simply knowing that you can always drop one of your chasing uniques with 3 or 4 even 2 potential is extremly motivating for me.
But when I have to play the timelines over and over again I feel like I’m wasting my time playing a different class while I could just farm the uniques with the character that already unlocked everything.

And honestly It is just an uneceassary occupational therapy for the players and it is more demotivating than motivating for me at least.


Maybe should we get unlocked empowered timeline as reward.
Example if u kill boss on 400 corruption then U unlock this time for every other character from start.
Why 400 corruption per timeline?. Because it’s in nature of most players to go most optimal route even if this will ruin flow in game (better item, better exp, no death penalty).
At 400 corruption there will be ready for this (mindset, stashed items, boss patterns), also encourage playing a litte more in each timeline (and give addition reward).

I think a happy medium would be something such as your alts can start at the lvl.90 monos; so you only have to do 3x reg ones to hit empowered.


This is kind of an irrelevant request. Having empowered unlocked at level 53ish won’t do you much good. You still need to level. Sure, you can go to Arena, but where will you get Arena keys? Oh yeah, only found in Monoliths.

I somewhat agree. It is a grind to get to empowered… The story + the regular mono grind = wanna re-roll by then.

Maybe unlock completely once per account.
And you have ACCESS to the three level 90 monos before empowered, but its up to you when you feel you can handle level 90 mono when youre fresh off the story. So maybe grind out normal mono until you feel youre ready. Then take on the three level 90s to get to empowered.

The issue is, unlocking empowered for the entire account doesnt do much as a fresh 50-55 off the story can’t typically handle empowered, unless I just suck.

But I 100% agree, the grind to the pinnacle difficult content is a bit long. Its why I quit POE for good…7-12 hours to level a character, then another 30-40 to get to A8, at a minimum…for me. Im bored by then. Re-roll.

For me, ideally… 5-12 hours to complete story, another ~10 until Im grinding out the hardest stuff and chasing endgame items. Regular monos just don’t do it and typically aren’t too difficult. Either remove them completely and make empowered ‘do-able’ fresh off the campaign, or give some sort of skip ahead, in a reasonable way.

I too have quit a character or two in last epoch within the last few weeks because I didnt feel like grinding regular monos.


Not a bad idea that.

I think you guys are missing the point of content gating. You are supposed to achieve/accomplish/work for things in arpgs. Unlocking something feels good because you worked for it. If it’s unlocked just after doing it once, the novelty factor of empowered is going to go down, and it will be less exciting to get to and do the content. Not to mention, when multiplayer comes out, people are going to get bored far quicker if the goal post gets moved closer, and this would do just that.

The current system is not designed to just be unlocked once, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to re-format the system to become something that makes sense to unlock for all characters. I just don’t think that in its current form it would work for the future.

I was pumped getting my first 100 in PoE, fast forward multiple years and 21 lvl 100’s its meaningless now

There is no novelty, there is no excitement. This is an aRPG that works off repetition and farming/grinding. make the repetition exhausting and hardly anyone wants to bother

Imagine having to re do your Atlas every character, redo your delve. No thanks I just wont play other characters.

I have dabbled in alts of various levels in LE but once the games releases and cycles begin I will play one character for an entire cycle because this game does not want to you play alts without putting in the same effort as your first character and thats just ridiculous and not respecting peoples time

Everyone says this “Respecting time” crap, but nobody stops to actually think about the fact that if you genuinely feel like something is a waste of time, continuing to do it is YOU not respecting YOUR OWN time.

Where did the concept come from that if you’ve done something once, you deserve the fast track when you do it a second time? Is literally anything else in life like this? Does Usain Bolt get to start at the 50m mark after having broken the world record for the 100m? I’m so confused, because this is a game, and every game is inherently repetitive and grindy. If you really actually enjoy playing this kind of game, the repetitiveness and grindy-ness shouldn’t be something you aren’t willing to put up with.


I have to totally agree here, once you unlock the monos with any character, you may have the gear to go directly into empowered monos for a second/third char.

I would also share the max corruption ceiling so you can push faster with new characters. Having to go to the extreme of the monos for 11-14 corruption in every character can quickly become a chore to do.

There’s absolutely no downside, you can get some needed levels and some T1 blessings doing the normal monos on the battle blessing side and for sure will help, but if they are already unlocked, you have the freedom to level in arena instead, or focus on specific blessings while leveling and preparing your character to enter empowered.

Because you cant actually begin making progress towards the real end game activity which imo is collecting your Lvl 100 blessings, pushing a higher level in general and adding corruption to see if your build cant actually handle it. This isnt for new characters

There actually is a quite a big jump in terms of incoming damage at 100 mono’s which you dont get at the lowers so you get little feedback

Im pretty sure you play PoE so this would be like having to complete every map on the Atlas on a new character before going to reds, you know you level insanely fast on a new juiced character that you can get from 68>90 in about 2 hours just from solo mapping/delving - at the same time you dont go into red maps at level 68

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Vastly agree! It should be a QoL (a nice one)!

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I think there should be a gate to each timeline.
You want to access a timeline? You do a trial echo first. If you succeed, you can access the timeline. If not, you can try again, try other timelines or continue farming.
And this includes empowered timelines.

Otherwise, it would be too easy. At least, you must prove you can handle it.

So you just want things to come easier, faster, and with less effort, even though the end result is literally exactly the same.

This is against the best interest of EHG when multiplayer is released. It’s as simple as that.

And what’s the point? Is a waste of resources and overcomplicating things for the sake of it. Is not that accessing a timeline is a reward per se, you still need to push stability, and if you die you lose main reward or stability gain.

What are you talking about. It only gives you more freedom to tackle the endgame, and only when you already unlocked it already with another character. This is mostly aimed for alt-oholic and hardcore gamers, also useful for those streamers/youtubers pumping out builds and promoting indirectly the game.

You still have to level to 75 at least to equip fat items, and sometimes lvl 80-90 for the endgame ones. You still have to push stability and kill the boss in order to unlock the blessings. And if something, you put yourself at a disadvantage because you-re doing those empowered monos without blessings.

Right now there are some over-tuned build options out there, we all hope they will be nerfed/fixed by release (and hopefully not nerfed to the “not viable anymore” status)


Well, I disagree. I think free global access is not a good thing. With each character, I want to feel victories, even if small victories. Having everything open for free is not a victory.
Each one their own opinion.