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FoE's Poison Monolith Farmer, Huge DPS, Little Investment | Last Epoch Lich Build | Patch 8.0d

YouTube Build Guide :

LE Build Planner :


Nice guide… buuuuuuut (obviously there is a but :D) do you mind to include some leveling tips to it? I’m not that deep into Acolythe yet but it seems to me like AoD is kind of a late bloomer and pretty much deadly if you use it without the node on the top right :D.

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Just play wandering spirits with the tree there, focus on putrescence and they will carry you through the campaign. Make sure to stack poison chance too!

Sounds like a plan ty. It’s time for Lady Rottalot to emerge from the char creation screen.

Oh another question… wit all the posion benefits you have why on gods green earth don’t you skill “Infectious Bead” for wandering spirits?

I am unclear if Infectious Dead effects the strength of the poison DoTs. I am still new so I aint sure. But I read it as a conversion of the base necrotic damage to poison but isn’t an increase to the potency of the actual dots but is instead boosting the damage of the initial hit which isn’t what is being scaled.

Inn short: More poison stacks = more dot dmg. I don’t think wandering souls deal that much dmg.

I think that is correct. Them spirits is just DoT applicators.

Yeah if he picks the node. Without it the spirits deal necrotic dmg and without any meaningfull necrotic dmg buffs and no uniques that benefit from it it seems strange to not take because the initial dmg and the dots should deal more dmg.

Word. That makes a lot of sense when you put it like that. Thank you.

I also must have dain bramage, I got home from work. Already had that node spec’ed the build I was running.

With endurence the build is even funnier while I simply stack as much dot dmg as I can. Its a solid build and sooooo easy and (sorry) braindead. Looks like a good starter build.

Wait a second… AoD is doing 0 if you skill Decrepify in the top right corner. That can’t be right…?

OH!!! I didn’t even think about how these low life builds are basically going to be dipping into Endurance non stop. Jeezy Petes.

I actually posted a build a second ago. If you have any thoughts I’d be interested to hear them. I’ve been running explode on death style skills on a modified version of this build. It is bananas.

Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work, as it converts the poison stacks to armour shred stacks & they do no damage.

I dont really use AoD for damage directly so that Decrepify is not a problem. It is nice to have all this healing and almost no downside.

Yeah but taking away all the dmg for this is kind of sad but led me to a totaly different approach.

I’m not sure though, you lose the poison stacks from AoD only, not from the poison bolt it generates I think.

Yeah but a poison bolt every now and then plus a pustel every now and then isn’t worth keeping this up. The lifereg and keeping reper form is good thou but it’s manageable otherwise. Sadly harvest has no pure phys dmg converion if thou AoD armor shred would be nice ^^.

Fair enough, I;m sort of addicted to the health regen to the point where I will justify any downside to AoD at this point. lol. I love it.

But Decrepify is definitely a transformative node, it turns the skill into a totally different animal.