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FoE's Elemental Nova 0.8

Nova has been constantly the strongest Sorcerer build and this patch is no exception but instead of doing cold or triple element, we go full lightning this time around.
-Work in progress adding videos later
-Patch 0.8 nothing changed still top sorc build


Mage Image from Gyazo
Sorcerer Image from Gyazo


Focus Image from Gyazo
Lightning Blast Image from Gyazo
Teleport Image from Gyazo
Flame Ward Image from Gyazo
Nova Image from Gyazo


There are couple options (Yes none of these are full resist capped but resist cap is not needed here)
Wand + Catalyst


BiS idols but idols like these are NOT needed.

Anything with Lightning damage (doubled when over 300 mana) is more than enough.


The black sun - Critical multiplier
Ending The Storm - Shock effect
Dragon’s Reign - 2 choices, Crit avoidance or All res

Dummy dps


Very nice iteration of your build. Does the “10-16% increased shock effect” blessing just provide more consistent shred (and damage) versus choosing the “65-100% chance to shock on hit” blessing?

The sorc king <3

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The increased shock effect blessing is there to provide more damage against bosses and in Arena since stacking shock is no issue with this build. You definitely can go for the shock chance instead if you prefer the damage difference is not that huge and the build does not lack damage at all.

True. Sorry I wasn’t exactly thinking about it correctly, but that’s up to an additional 6.4% shred on bosses and 16% shred on other enemies (at 20 stacks). Yeah, the build will certainly stack shock rather quickly with all those extra spark charge and spark nova hits.

Dude did you post that Fireball sorc too? I’m having a bitch of a time getting meteor and fireball to happily coexist. But since I’m a very busy man I may just steal this one too.

@FoE Release teh youtube video!

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keep up great work!

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Does fireball the skill kick more azz than lightning blast. Clear and Boss?

It does not. Lightning blast is superior in terms of single target and Elemental nova is superior in terms of AoE. Fireball is viable though but LB/Nova combo cannot be beaten

I remember LB being very crazy for single target. Fireball seems damn strong too. Looks like I gotta make the switch.

When somewhat min-maxed LB is still absolute monster (200k chain top end) for staff and 140k for wand + cata)


How important is it the “Ending The Storm - Shock effect blessing” to global damage?

I changed my build to this, but I can only get 40-50k with wand +catalyst in the dummy. The only thing I dont have yet is the Shock effect blessing.

The shock effect blessing is overall more damage than the lightning blessing.
To reach the kind of numbers i am doing it requires idols like this. Getting these are extremely rare especially to get them to roll good. These can go up to 200% lightning damage if perfect roll. Here is my best one (169% lightning damage %)

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Ok, now I understand! Wrong idols I chose. Thank you!

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What the hack!! I just switched to this build - very nice!!!

But i´m pulling just like 25-30k crits with 2H wand out of it…yet - far from optimized - I think I need to go more for crit multi…
But even like this its smooth cutting through everything! :slight_smile:

Great build!

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Yeah that’s crazy. Do you run wand or staff? I’m digging the -3 at the moment.

And lol at that elemental nova with helm boost. EHG must be smoking crack. Which is a good thing, more fun for us.

I would still need to be convinced that one of those two lightning skills on their own can clear, AND boss (a package deal) better than Fireball. :slight_smile: But if you say so, I believe you. I haven’t played this game nearly enough to know.

I switched over to your lightning build yesterday but am remaking the fireball soon on a new character. I’m almost sad I had to let the f-ball go.

I was under the impression that base stat (int) scaling for skills improves the base damage before other increases and thus acts in a multiplicative way. However I notice you’re taking the straight up fire/cold/lightning damage nodes instead of the int at the bottom of the mage skill tree.

Is the statement in my first sentence incorrect or is it just not worth it for you in this case as you don’t appear to be relying on ward retention? Just looking to update my understanding here.

The reason for ele damage over int in this case is that we are scaling spark charges (main source of aoe in arena) from what i’ve tested it does not scale with int only with Lightning / ele / spell damage. In any other case i would pick the int over the elemental damage though.

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Personally i use staff since i prefer it more for this build. I wanted to provide both wand and staff so there is preference choice for everyone :slight_smile: