Flurry hitbox bug

Something deffinetely wrong with Flurry hitbox. I seems in some cases targets does not take damage. Target is under cursor and its healthbar appeared on top of screen but Flurry attack seems does nothing for target. The only way to make it possible to hit target is changing character position in order to find one that is correct. It happens not every time but often. I uploaded video to YouTube there is a link to one https://youtu.be/r-kGjR5Q70g

Player.log (819.6 KB)



Update. 0.9.2.o bug still exists

I encountered the same issue when I started to level my Rogue using flurry and bow as I wanted to go Marksman later on. My cursor was on the enemy a red outline was around him and his name + health bar were shown but when I pressed the key to killing him. it seems all my arrows were going through him. He almost got me before I realized I was not doing any damage. I needed to reposition myself and found that my cursor needed to be at a very specific point on my target so I got a light red outline with a white glow on my target for it to register the damage of my flurry attack.


Yeah, I started a rogue yesterday and gave up on it at level 8 because of this. While not causing huge issues at low levels, it just felt really annoying as it completely breaks the flow.


same here


Update. 0.9.2.q bug still exists


I know this is for Flurry but I got the same problem when using Detonating Arrow. Sadly I got no footage to show but all I can say is the enemy was just in front of me and I could not hit him. Also happened to me when the enemy was far away.

So I was watching the Dev stream today and asked about this issue. I got an answer from another watcher that pointed me to this “Judd said that there’s indeed a fixed for bow skills coming to 1.0”

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Yes, this is purely a very bad idea that some skills, like Flurry, wont approach enemy on use, in case enemy will be out of range by a pixel the skill wont do anything, just spamming it in one place…

FIXED in 1.0

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