Flickering Black Screen After Loading Game

I never had this issue until two days ago. I log into the online game, character select screen, launch into game. The moment after the loading screen finishes and I heard the sound of the game, my screen goes black and starts flickering black and slightly less black, won’t stop. I can hear things in game happening like if I move or use a spell. The PC does not freeze, as I can just ALT+F4 and the game closes, windows works fine. I’ve tried this on multiple resolutions and nothing is working. Deleted the graphics file, nothing is working.

Why is this happening? I have a 2080ti watercooleds, 3950x on water, 32gb ram. More than enough hardware to run the game, but I checked task manager when I launched the game…It uses 11gb VRAM right off the bat, even at the menu. It also enables 100% GPU usage, sitting at the menu screen as well. What the heck is going on? I had no problems playing the game until 2 days ago, now it won’t work at all.
Player-prev.log (37.5 KB)

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