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Flame Reave Spellblade Build Guide - Fire Hula Hoop

Hey boiiiiiis, today with some hula hoop action. Ever wanted to destroy enemies with fire rings? Well, lucky you! This build is all about that!

The Video Guide: Flame Reave Spellblade Build Guide - Fire Hula Hoop

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Lootfilter: Flame Weave Spellblade.xml (32.9 KB)

Planner: Spellblade, Level 88 (LE Beta 0.8.1i) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Hey… your video is set to private on youtube… cant view it…

Hahaha you are too fast! Was just setting it to public!

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Messed around with the Sunwreath circle flamereave before but I couldnt really get it to work well enough… The ring is the obvious route to take vs the skill tree branch that does the same but it still didnt feel strong enough in higher MoF to me…

Its lack of damage is especially obvious when you compare it to the normal Firebrand/Flamereave combination which literally nukes everything with guaranteed crits and is even arguably stronger with the lightning version…

You mention in your vid that you could go the crit route but that would require much more investment… Did you try it to compare? I was wondering if an Eye of Reen, crit focussed version of this build may be “better”…

If you’re going for an ignite version then yes, at least 1 Eye of Reen would be a good idea, ideally 2. If you’re going for a hit version then maybe, maybe not & it looks like Mordarim is going for hit damage.

Yip… he has gone the hit version as far as I understand his video and he is using Wing Guards… I am just wondering if he went this route by default or if he tested the crit version and made a conscious decision to go the way he did… I have a toon that could try it so I thought I would ask before making the effort…

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I tested the crit version and it can dish out massive amounts of dmg but needs just very specific gear to work and i didn´t feel like it would be obtainable by me in time before the patch! Wing Guards are a nice way for you to scale your dmg if you can´t go for crit, so i opted for it. You would need the crit nodes to boost the base crit rate but that would leave you with just not enough points. You would also need to get enough crit on your gear while maintaining the same stats on your weapons. Your idols would also need to be swaped around for some crit!

I had a ignite version in the making but didn´t get the Fiery Dragon Shoes in time. I would say you could reach 1mil hit dmg with those boots and enough attackspeed/ignitechance combined with the conflagrate node in the enchant weapon tree! It has a 200% more multi on there, which just sounds insane!

Np… We all have real lives… :wink:

I might try a crit version - I have collected tons of gear so I may have some crit stuff just lying around doing nothing… Although I must admit, the hit or ignite version still sounds interesting and I have a few of those boots in my stash too… Choice choices choices

Havent played since they announced the patch for later today so really itching to get back into the game when it drops…