Fix Multiplayer!?

Is there a time frame when you are going to fix the multiplayer?
2 Frost Claw Runemasters fighting the The Dragon and within 2 minutes it’s lagging so bad that you can no longer see the attacks, button presses don’t register and you will eventually die to something you can’t see. That’s the worst case but it absolutely terrible and unplayable.

We used to get online and play for 3-5 hours a night having a blast and only having issues once in a while. Would maybe take a few seconds to catch up at times. Now after an 1800+ Dragon I waited 8 minutes after the fight was over and it still wasn’t caught up, had for force close game and log back on.

I think the worst part is, that you know there is a problem, but won’t acknowledge or address the issue. Need to fix what’s currently broken before the next cycle.

As Clanmates from D4 from day 1, we left D4 without looking back, even though only 2 of our clan of 40+ active users came to LE. Neither one of us even logged into D4 until last night / today. But not being able to CO-OP reliably is definitely taking its toll on us.

As far as balance, like what do we care, it’s not like we can reliably play with others to even know something isn’t balanced. So this makes no difference to my enjoyment playing the game. What does make a difference, is that I can’t play in a group with my buddies because of the Multiplayer in this game is unplayable.

If I wanted to player Single Player I would have selected Offline mode. Sadly most streamers only play solo. But if you want to build a community you have to fix your multiplayer mode. On top of that, it’s not like the servers are bogged down either, so if it’s this bad now, I can only imagine when / if there are more players. We have tried US East / US Central / US West and all 3 will eventually falter.

I have been a Diablo fan since the very beginning, nothing held a candle to it, until I played LE. Absolutely love LE but multiplayer issues are whats driving me back to D4. I hope EHG decides to fix the issues soon.

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I second this… LE made me feel like I was playing a passionately made arpg with fun build options again, rather than buying a cosmetic sales platform with an add on half baked arpg clone.

I truly hope this is not the best EHG can do, and that the silence just means you will communicate eventually… but the silence is indeed a confidence breaker in your company, and we’ve hoped this issue would not be swept under the rug while ignoring your community… however it feels exactly like that as we’ve spoken loudly since v0.9 and have not received any communication to build our confidence back up.

As a side note: I am the community leader for RiftCo. Which is a community of over 15.000 Diablo players. I advocated for last epoch and was truly made to look like a moron due to EHGs choices of silencing the issues and ignoring the community at large by sending them to a support page.

This is what I hope will be corrected in the future, and hopefully a community of LE players can start again. People bought the game and have just received nothing from EHG to provide any form of confidence moving forward. I hope this can change.