Five Quality of Life Improvements Included in Patch 0.7.3

Our next update, Patch 0.7.3, will include the following improvements;

  1. Companions will now teleport to you when you respawn after dying.
  2. Enemies will now have color-coded names above their health bars;
    • Normal enemies will have white names.
    • Magic enemies will have blue names.
    • Rare enemies will have gold names.
    • Unique enemies will also have gold names.
      • The names of unique enemies are paler than the names of rare enemies.
  3. Hardcore characters will now be converted to non-Hardcore characters on death.
  4. It will now be possible to abandon challenge modes (e.g. Solo, Masochist) after character creation. Please note that it won’t be possible to re-activate them for that character.
  5. Skill trees which receive substantial changes in a patch will now sometimes be flagged for free respecs. The decision on whether to grant one will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Patch 0.7.3 will release later this month, and we plan to post a Patch Preview thread in the near future. This update will form part of Phase 1 of our Early Access Development Forecast.


Color-coded enemy names?! :open_mouth: What a wonderful addition to the game.
How come unique and rare enemies both have gold names? Wouldn’t it make more sense to make uniques red/orange.

The other stuff is cool too :stuck_out_tongue:


4 is my favorite! Followed by 2!

Visibility is also a priority and darker enemy names proved difficult to see in some areas. Unique enemies still have a different style of health bar that helps distinguish them from rare enemies.


That makes sense :slight_smile:

  1. is intresting everything else seems not to be a pressing matter but what do I know ^^.
  1. For me for sure.

Super useful for updating a wiki… If only there was an individual that would come back and start doing it again :wink:


Number 3 is awesome for me:)

Depending on the shades of gold you use for Unique names, it may be better to have a shade of purple.

EDIT: Never mind, I saw your above reply.

I have to say I’m feelin’ 5!

Number 3, do I keep everything on death over to non-HC?

Thank you very much for color coded thing but ido agree with reimharts for rare and unique mobs color , we need a better difference feeling .

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Oh ok my bad , i hope it will be very noticeable thank .

Glad this change got implemented. I was about to suggest to consider going red\purple\green for Unique Names but then I saw this reply. Thanks, looking forward to the changes.

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