First Time Player Looking For Info

Hey all!,

i just started my exciting journey in Last Epoch! made a rogue, and me and my pangolin are flurrying everything to shreds and reached lvl 18.
As a seasoned Diablo 2, PoE, Dark Souls 3, Witcher 3, etc. player i was wondering a ton of stuff!
More than could be answered in one post, so my 2 questions are:

-Where can i find information about this game? is there a Arreat Summit/Poewiki/Poedb/etc kind of page that offer a ton of info on all kinds of stuff?
-Are there any beginner tips i need to/you wish you knew when you started this game?

Thanks a ton in advance!

There’s also a number of starter videos by McFluffin -

Edit: And the Game Guide in-game via the G key.

And this


Welcome to the game! :slight_smile:

  • You may want to join the official Discord server: Last Epoch - Official Community
  • Any beginner tip? From my point of view, sincerely, no. I’d advise you do your first run without getting info first. If you have any issue, we on the Discord or here will be glad to help, but discovering this game on our own is a real pleasure. Once you completed the campaign with your first hero, you may need help and we’ll be with you :wink:

thanks! will join the discord for sure!

And after your first run, I fully second Llama’s suggestions. McFluffin’s Last Epoch University is awesome and extremely useful!

  • Fractures feel more likely below 85 instability.
  • Stay away from Spoiler’s head, especially when his eye glows red.
  • Some minions won’t attack Spoiler; this should be fixed next patch.
  • If you must skip one resist this patch, skip poison (credit to Discord).
  • For a strict “whitelist” filter: “Hide 32 item types” at bottom.
  • Gambling for uniques isn’t really worth it.
  • Endgame is single portal (including leaving) and separate for each character.
  • You get another arena key by reaching wave 50 or higher and leaving.
  • You can level in arena/monoliths (still need certain quests for idol slots).
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Wave 80 for a golden key that allows you to restart at 80.

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Do you mean a hide all rule? You can achieve that with using a hide rule without any conditions^^

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TIL :slight_smile:

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