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First Orobyss Kill!

Hello everyone! My name is ReformedDonut, attached below is a clip from my stream today showing off my first Orobyss kill on SSFHC on 8.2. This boss vastly exceeded my expectations in terms of visuals and I’m looking forward to fighting his other versions. If you are curious about my build I will be posting a guide for it hopefully within the next couple days, if you want to watch live you can check me out at

You can watch the video here! ^^^
(Use the link if the embedded video doesn’t work)

A link to an older but similair build guide Blade Dancer - Shadow Cascade Build - 0.8.1c

Thanks again for checking out my highlight! Have a great day!



Grats on the HC kill

I killed him approx 9 times yesterday on 3 characters, he almost killed me one time and he has a couple of attacks that are nearly unavoidable but dont do extreme damage so he is pretty manageable. In comparison Void Horrors do more damage

My last kill prior to bed was on my Forge Guard only a lvl 90 timeline but with all my defences I just stood in his damage and killed in under 20 seconds

Hi Shrukn,
Glad to hear that he’s manageable at higher timeline levels, I had no idea what I was getting into but i’m looking forward to fighting his other forms. Have any of his versions seemed harder to you than others? If so which ones?
Thanks for checking out my kill :slight_smile:

Last Epoch - Orobyss - YouTube

This was my first fight but I didnt record any more, in this video he does a ‘triple explosion’ which is really confusing but you need to stand right next to him, then away then even further back for the final, my build has zero movement ability so I cant dodge much, also no idea what damage he does

ive had Lagon type Tentacles which do big damage that sit in the middle of the arena but can be killed and respawn

I had the ‘spinning rock’ that you had in your video but doesnt do much damage at all but that was to my Forge Guard who has over 3k armor and a lot of defence

Orbital lasers that create these ‘pods’ that can be killed that chain lasers through them - this actually does loads of damage if you get hit

Void ‘puddles’ that move around when you trigger them cast a small explosion - they do a lot of damage

Also seen the ‘X’ config where he does a big space X from the trailer shown by EHG…i never touched this so I can only guess its damage, ive fought this one again and was able to dodge maybe 2/3 of them but they are fairly tame

The run where he almost killed me 4 times over was when he had double crit rolls on lvl 100 with approx 108 corruption (which is 54% more damage)

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Yeah that triple explosion attack he has looks like it hurts, I think generally its advised to try and dodge almost everything but its nice to hear that some of his attacks are tankable. Thanks again for the advice.

Grats! I just watched your kill :smiley:
Is it me or is orobyss to easy damage wise? You didnt seem to have any trouble with killing him even if Orobyss did hit you.
Maybe it is your build, iam not trying to be disrespecting regarding your build!
I just hope Orobyss is not to easy :frowning: since i was so happy that we finally were getting a really hard endgame boss…

Hey Meesterg,
Thanks for checking out my video :slight_smile:. I think Orobyss is a very unique boss for a few different reasons…

  • Diverse/changing attack sets
  • Diverse/changing damage types
  • Ramping damage - What I mean by this is as you farm him out he gets harder and harder to the rising corruption of the timeline that you are farming him in.

I think that when you first start fighting him he will be difficult, simply because he is new and you are learning his attacks and how to dodge them. After you have seen the attacks before I think he will get easier and easier, however once you start ramping up corruption and get into empowered monoliths I think his difficulty will rise a lot. He was hitting for me around 50% hp with his larger attacks and I feel like I almost died a couple times during my first encounter with him. With all that being said, I think Orobyss is as hard as you want him to be, through the corruption system which is really unique in my opinion for boss difficulty. Also don’t worry about the build I understand what you were saying :heart:.
Thanks again for watching my video -ReformedDonut

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You can make him easier by doing Shade bosses closer to the centre of the monolith web, they’ll have a green -x corruption modifier.

Good to know… I am running lvl 80s with my forge guard right now and I purposely search for the Shade events - such fun having a random boss like this…