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Fire Sorcerer - Lagon Down in 10 sec! ATTENTION HIGH DPS INSIDE

Love Fire Mage Builds? In this Last Epoch Build Guide for the Sorcerer Mastery class I’m going to show you how to burn down everything very fast! We are using Elemental Nova as AOE Damage with an very fast cast speed and Volcanic Orb for our single target damage! Have you ever killed The Emperer Of Corpses in under 30 seconds? Well now you can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






to maximize my damage i have skilled Infusion +250% increased fire damage in Flame Ward. i loose the additional charge. Lagon down in 10 sec

My biggest issue with builds is that good idols drop extremely rarely. Theyre almost as rare as Exalted with good affixes. A big idol with synergizing affixes like that one, very very rare…

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That’s true. But also we’re not supposed to melt bosses like Stef does with ease. To do this it needs a lot of effort / play time to farm min/maxed items.

The Volcanic Orb Sorc is really strong and a lot of fun with “normal” idols.

It’s ok for normal people to do bosses the normal way: Hit him for minutes, go to phase 2, almost die, go to phase 3, hit him for minutes, slay him with sweat in your face.

The builds and espeacially the video footage people are showing here looks so easy. Just follow the skill and passive tree route and BÄM: Kill everything within a blink of an eye. But this is not the case. The synergies with skills and passives is only one half of the whole build. The other is having gear that enables you to do this, too. In most cases you will hit a wall at some point, where you realise that you either make ok damage, but die really fast or you are decently tanky, but dont do any noticable damage.

The process to get a build going from 0 to “boardman” takes a lot of time investment. You wont just find all the gear you need, when you need it. You’ll sit at that damn 80s timeline and won’t get past a certain echo number untill you improved your gear by gambling/crafting/farming.

This is nothing these build guides tell you. They only tell you “skill this and that and goooooo! Btw… you need these items…”

I saw Rimed show the weapons of one of his ignite pala builds. 2 swords with identical affix setup with ignite, damage over time and else, all t5. I would cry tears of joy to only have one weapon with these stats…

I don’t mean this in a negative way and don’t want to devalue the work of our content creators. They are awesome, provide a lot of indepth knowledge and do a lot for the community.

Only the effort that is put into these builds is not shown in the videos. 99% of the build guide suggest, that it is absolutely easy to do 1 million damage and melt bosses in seconds if you just follow the build guide, when this is not the case. And I get that. People might abbandon the guide right from the start, if they get told “you can build this way but you won’t be even close to these numbers without at least putting 70h of farming gear into your character”.

This might disencourage people. But I think some others also might be demotivated when the build they try to copy doesn’t work like somebody showed in a vid. I’d wish that these build guides would be a bit more informative on that matter. Maybe also show the damage numbers of an average geared character instead of the min/maxed Powerrangers.


Yea right, I have started so many builds and I have yet to get one even close to boardman !
Still I love to test new builds and the ones that are most fun will stay. :slight_smile:


good points, yeah fore sure got around 200-300 hours played with mage.
finding good items and gear will not happen overnight :wink:

but i believe LE is good for casual players because you can get the gear really fast. Yeah its not like D3 where you can have a full geared char in 10 hours XD

these build guides should be something people can look at see whats possible (hundreds of hours cutted into a couple of minutes) and say oh wow i like this and help em to start a build they enjoy, this is where i want to be.

And this needs of course time investment.

i wouldnt say this build is maxed, as soon as multiplayer and bazaar will be realeased its about getting T7 items and almost double the affixes :wink:

i would say this build does on average a lot of dps and you dont need endgame gear to make lots of dps. only needed are the idols.

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thats great mate. play what ever you want to play
Your free time is very valuable :slight_smile:

really good point thinking about implementing this into my build guides. thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


Good post, agree with what you said. Many of the build guides are disingenuous here. They arent even guides they are showcases of a characters power

I posted my one and only ‘guide’ which was just a showcase of Spriggan a few weeks ago and it was terrible, the only people who should even follow it would be people who knew what they are already doing, I provided a few notes of why I chose ‘xx’ but provided no leveling guide, no budget gear options. nothing

I feel like the build creators here are just doing whatever is necessary to pump out the next build someone hasnt done yet, trying to one up each other

Ive actually read about someone who modifies some critical file within LE to pretty much modify whatever they want, im not sure how far that goes or how people have 1 billion gold but I do know if your character is stored on your PC currently, so you can technically do things like dupe gear, backup a fractured gear piece and reroll it again etc

I stopped looking at guides here a while back when I found this out as you cannot tell whats legitimate or not

This needs to become a thing.

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Builds looks intriguing. Might dig into it when I come up for air.

I have no problem with guides being bis gear wise stuff. I see it as the “potential” not necessarily the standard. I know not everyone recognizes that though so a little disclaimer wouldn’t be a problem.

But what I find MOST helpful in a guide are the ones in which the creator explaines WHY they’re taking certain passive/active nodes and WHY this gear and it’s prefix/affix are ideal. That actually teaches me something about the game so I can tinker on my own better.


It’s also relatively easy for them to do a new build. Many already have their characters maxed out. Respeccing skills goes fast. And often there are only 2-3 items to be exchanged between builds. If you have Crit gear, it works on several characters.

This way people invest a lot of time to get to a certain point from where creating new builds is really not that hard anymore.

That’s relatively common these days. A lot of people are manipulating game files to get better gear or dupe items. But from my experience the popular content creators are legit. They all pump in a lot of time.

You see some poeple with rediculous Arena wave numbers. But if they are consindered cheating EHG takes measures. Don’t know if they get a account ban, but they get removed from the ladder.

I’d guess as a content creator you would not risk to get banned and get a bad reputation.

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Hey Stef, started this char last night and just finished campaign.

Few questions:

  1. you stack so much crit multi but no spell crit chance, why? Wouldn’t you have higher effective dps if you sacrificed some crit multi but increased your spell crit chance from 20% to like 45-50% ? Or am I missing something?

  2. how much dps does all the int on gear give you? Tempted to add some set resist prefixes

  3. what are your thoughts on speccing into ignite with a Soulfire relic since Volcanic orb hits so many times? Although I suppose it’s a bit redundant considering how much hit dps the build has

  4. would you say the fire version or the cold version on your wasted666 site by zero is better for arena pushing? I got the 2nd Ocearon ring last night from Lagon

Thanks in advance, great build :+1:

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Not only that but as a beta, it makes testing stuff much more expedient. The entire point of alpha/beta is testing, so if folks take short cuts now to figure stuff out, unlock knowledge about how something works or doesn’t work, I got no real problem with that at all. Now, come LAUNCH it’ll be a whole different story, but since everything we’re doing now is going to be legacy’ed anyway, the only think relevant about the permanence of dupping and stupping files is the information it gives us.

I’m not Stef, so ignore this if you want, but since we don’t have full blown skill/tooltip notes yet this would be really hard to determine. You’d have to check the skills and see how much they get per point, check each node in the skill that might add to this as well, AND check passives that might give stuff to.

I’m not sure about that. If the devs would want us to test stuff that requires to “cheat” they would give us access to tools for this. Maybe implement a vendor where you can configure the gear you want or a special crafting bench that never fractures.

But manipulating items for “testing purposes” is a lame excuse imo. Important feedback is if the progression curve and the itemisation feels good. You can’t give feedback about how hard or easy it is to get endgame gear that melts the content, when you obtain it by bypassing the regular ways.

What’s the benefit of showing skill interaction with gear that under normal circumstances is near to impossible to get? This feedback isn’t just not very valuable. This also distorts the feedback in general.

If you put together a character with crazy op gear and show that skill X is doing op damage, this evokes an absolute inappropriate discussion about the balance of the skill. Also this might waste dev time because they are forced to check the balance of that skill that works absolutely fine in 99.99%.

And also if you allow cheating during beta you make these things mandatory. How would the devs get rid of a cheater infestation when they launch their game? People will keep on cheating after launch. So the devs either have to ban all of them and maybe decimate a large part if their community. Or they let them go on and hand the game over to the cheaters.

To not let that happen the devs have to take measures during beta as well. Beta must not be an exception to be allowed to break the rules.

Edit: Sorry to get that far off topic. :sweat_smile:

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Yup. Good catch/call out. I’ve seen that side of the arguement as well and I totally get it. I was mainly stating my thought in the the context that I don’t think the serious testers and streamers are doing that because generally they actually have the time and commitment to playing it the “real” way, as was mentioned by someone else above.

I do still think that though in a beta want type of “breaking” it is okay but if the only way to do it was to cheat than it would definitely not be helpful. Once the games goes on line the file manip will drop because you can’t do it and the true streamers ability took test stuff will rise to the top.

I was just saying right now I don’t think it’s that big a deal given the relatively small player/testing base.

EDIT And will a Dev please split this to another topic! Sorry!

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Hey thanks. sorry for my late reply been outside for one day :slight_smile:

  1. I have got around 80% Spell crit chance - most of that for passive notes
    for a crit build you want your dps to be as high as possible so that why i rolled it on every possible item.

  2. 1 point Int gives 4% increased damage you can see that if you hover to your skill bar and press alt. so for me : 72 int = 288 % increased damage for elemental nova and as well for volcanic orb. sure more reistances will help you if you need go for it.

  3. ive tried Volcanic orb with ignite. didnt worked out. was only able to be around 100k DOTs max what is really low… i was really sad i was hoping so much for a good ignite build with Volcanic orb.

  4. CONGRATS! i still havent dropped this ring . Zeros build is OP :slight_smile: doing almost the same damage and able to freeze everything. For High Arena pushing i would go with his build.

thank you very much hope i was able to help :slight_smile:
talk soon

Thanks for the reply @stefthedude,

I’ve gotten my char sheet crit chance up to 71% and 370% crit multi. Also working on Int, only 52 right now. I leveled up the frost orb variant also, and with similar gear I gotta say your fire sorc has much higher DPS. I think its the Pyromancy idols that really push the dps over the top.

Great build! Now if only there was a way to convert Volcanic Orb to lightning :smiley:

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thanks Atterana. oh yeah lightning would be awesome :slight_smile: