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Fire aura build will it work?

HI i find the skill fire aura intresting and wonder if it culd be poisble to do a build around it. it scales of spell, damage over time and inteligence. theres almost no nodes that increases its dmg just stuff that has chances to cast it. the only 2 nodes i culd find that incresed its dmg is in flame ward and its eye of flame and its only 1 point for 15% inc dmg and the convert to lightning dmg in spellblades tree where its increases your lightning dmg. i now it can have multiple stacks but not sure if each stack will increse its dmg. all of the gear i culd find just had increase to its area and not dmg. feels like the cold convertion in spellblades tree wuld be best thx to freeze rate for survival or go lighnting for more dmg thx to its node in spellblade tree.

I would say it’s a nice complementary build that can protect you a bit from approaching mobs, but I would not use it as the main damage dealer. I’m not a Mage guru though, other players may have another opinion.
Edit: in second thought, here is a built based on the Lightning variation of the aura: LAST EPOCH - RF Lightning Aura Spellblade Build Guide - I Have The Power! - YouTube

ok thx will watch it

Though it requires some difficult to get hold of gear (Dark Shroud of Cinders & 2x Forgotten Knight blades).

thx but i have found a core im gonna try for i do almost 4k on dummy whit 8 stacks of fire aura and im lvl 52 whit rly bad gear