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Final Form Synchronized Strike Build for 0.8.c

Video (Lots of people asking for updates! Here it is)

Build Overview

  • High Leech
  • High Damage
  • High Survivability
  • Its not dual dagger.


  • Initially posted December 15th 2020. Viable for 0.8c. This is an UPDATED build for Synchronized strike.




Smoke Bomb
Shadow Cascade
Synchronized Strike


The main affix on idols you want is % increased damage per active shadow with shadow cascade.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Final Form Synchronized Strike Gear planner Link

“Cons: not dual dagger”

Well played.

Yeah if this baby hits 100% crit chance its over. Well done!

Hi, just a quick question, how is the dancing strikes being triggered? I can’t seem to trigger the skill, or do I manually use it and build stack then synchronized strike afterwards?

Hmm. I dont have dancing strikes in this build setup?

Ohh, I’m sorry I was pertaining or rather got confused from the other post.

Hey why not take Dancing Shadows with Shift? I found it helps a lot with clear speed…

You say the gear you link is not minmaxed correctly. Could you tell us what bases + affixes would be the dream gear?

Dream gear? Tier 6 and tier 7 exalted items with most of the SAME type of stats. It should say the gear doesnt need to be tier 20 in order for the build to work. ITs viable with tier 2’s and 3’s

Ok, so those are the best in slot affixes in your opinion then. Maybe move around what item has each res or stuff like that. Thanks.