Filtering for a specific item

Hi all,

I’m playing about with the item filter but having trouble trying to build a rule with the exact affix’s i want.

Is there a way to filter for any drops with ALL specified affix’s, ie

Engraved Gloves with
Attack speed

I know these would be rare to drop exactly like this but I can’t seems to get it to work, if you add 4 affix’s then it highlights it if ANY of the affix’s appear. I want a sort of AND option so all 4 affixs must be on the item.

Is this even possible at the moment?


So there is very limited features currently and alot of features already have been requested that would easily solve this.

There is currently one workaround, that you can use for magic and rare items, but i would not recommend, since it iwll hide alot of items that could be potentially good for crafting.

You need to create 2 rules:
First rule: hide every single undesired affix
Second rule: recolour/show all desired affixes

Those two rules you can combined with item types and/or item rarity condition can lead to a very strict filter, especially for rare items.

If you link the rare rule with T5 minimum affix tier, the worst item you would see would be T5 +T1 + T1 desired affixes.

But the downside, even a T5+T5+T5 desired and T1 undesired would be hidden.

For the magic items, you would only see single T5 magic.

I hope this gave you some inspiration, but be careful in applying those.

In case i was unclear just ask me again and i will show you and example filter.

Thanks for that. It sound like it’s not the easiest thing to do without missing stuff.

Hopefully future inarnations of the loot filter will impliment something.

Loving it so far, very intuitive and easy to use.

When the loot filter initially got released, we only got some minor bug fixes, but no real major patch for the loot filter yet, i am pretty sure that we will get some more features at some point.

Mox (the big boss at EHG :D) did acknowledgea alot of requests in one of my loot fitler threads.

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