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File Directory

Where is this game installing files to? Am I supposed to be waiting an hour every time I re-launch the game for it to redownload files? I just wanted to change the resolution and I don’t understand why I have download the game again if I just ran it 30 seconds ago, thanks.

Moving this one to Technical Support.

Which Operating System are you installing the game on?

The game being playable once but not permanently installed is usually caused by some form of permissions issue. Assuming you’re using Windows, when installing the game try right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. This should prevent the game being installed to a temporary directory. This shouldn’t be necessary to update the client or to play the game.

In the future even this shouldn’t be necessary - apologies for the inconvenience 'til then!

As this thread seems to have died off I’m going to mark this as a solution. Feel free to post again if you’d like further assistance - or to create a new thread after this one is closed.

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