Feedback Trade & item factions

Introduction + on the bottom small feedback on SSF faction:
I do love that trade has restrictions, i don’t like the fact that we can’t resell items or craft a little bit on them. If i had to pick one i would say resell items and no crafting.
I’m also afraid to pick trade in this state because i’m worried there won’t be enough people picking it.

My indication is that its logical that most “trade players” from other games might not play trade in the long run.
The restrictions on trade are so severe that it’s only worth for basic trading in my opinion. The reason being, not able to resell, so no flipping items or crafting on it and selling it again. This is intended and i get that.

This probably means however less people that want to trade so less items on trade.
On top of it not everything can be traded until you are rank 10 which will be another factor of an active or inactive trade market. My prediction is it’s gonna affect the trade market in a negative way on top of what i said earlier.

I’m actually for restrictions in trade to some degree and i love SSF as well, i play both in other games. I’m afraid however that not being able to resell items is the nail in the coffin for trade.

Idea for a middle ground in the trade system, at least for the craft and flip boys:
It would be sick IMO if EHG would add another crafting system which lets you have a certain amount of crafts (Forging potential but for trade) that you could do an item to be able to sell it again (as a middleground restriction wise).

They already got this system so that would save some time.
I still think it would be a lot of work for them to make this work together with the restricted system they’ve build but i have the knowledge about that. Maybe it’s pretty easy.

Another option to open up trade with a restriction:
EHG could also copy a system like Fifa has. They have an maximum price range to prevent “trade abusers”. You could still flip items within that price range and snipe items which is fun for the people who like this trade game and solves some trade abuse problems.

It slowly scales the prices higher on certain items till a maximum point as well. I’m not certain how they build that but it could be an option for EHG to open up the system and restrict as well at the same time together with the idea i just proposed.

Final thoughts about trade:
All in all i do prefer a way more restricted way of reselling items, flipping etc.
I do hope however that will be some options to craft and/or resell items since the trade
market can be a subgame in itself, even if its really restricted. I think many “real traders” from other games will be pretty disappointed with the many restrictions this system has.

SSF faction:
I do love that SSF has a really good system which seems to be in favor of trade.
Normally its the other way around so i was really happy and surprised that EHG made this unique system. For me this trade system (as it is) isn’t a deal breaker since i love SSF and the new SSF faction as well.

The only sad thing for me in the SSF faction, is that tier 6/7 exalted items will be easier to get. LE already rains exalted items and i loved the drop only system and tier 7 being harder to find.
I actually had a few of those YES moments with that. This will be gone with the SSF faction. Yes i could choose to not use it probably but i want to use everything else from this system.

Anyway i liked that tier 7 exalted used to be this thing that you only could get with playing the game and it being harder to get which isn’t the case anymore.
If trade had a bit less restrictions i would also prefer trade only being able to sell tier 6 exalted item so it still had tier 7 as a drop only feature. I love that system.

Thanks if you made it to the end and sorry for my bad english.
I Am looking for more fun different options to play Last Epoch this is why i posted this.
Again i don’t mind finding my own items trough SSF so please don’t react with oh you want everything for free and a rant why i am a lazy player :sweat_smile:. I had this reactions so many times while i never said i want things for free. I ignored most of those reactions but i felt like mentioning it here. I prefer honest non rant discussions and yes spicey discussions are natural, we are humans after all :wink:

For me not being able to resell an item isnt to bad for me.

Two things that put me off from MG. Imo MG is just going to be the same game as pre 1.0 but with trading.

Where as CoF on 1.0 launch is getting sort of a new mechanic (prophecies and lenses) to tinker with. While MG gets nothing new imo. Trading to me in diablo like games is just that trading to me.

I keep asking myself as well as others of seen or talked to. Have asked but why trade and miss out on a some what new system to tinker with thats locked behind CoF faction.

Yes i know i could just rank up both factions or have a character in both factions. As someone that would rather trade thats not the point im trying to make.

IMHO CoF is just way to incentivized vs MG

Edit: theres a third one. Not beable to sell items unless ur the right rank. This IMHO will hurt the supply of the market.

Im more the type of player that would much rather trade in these games theres just to much that puts me off from MG. As well as iv seen other talk about regarding MG

You can craft on items you buy. Why do you think otherwise?

CoF isn’t the SSF faction, it’s the only one that makes sense for SSF but that doesn’t mean it’s only for SSF (which is what you’re implying).

You’ve already posted this here, why repost it?

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So the ability to buy the specific base with the specific affixes isn’t enough of an incentive to trade? Would you like to eat your cake & have it too?

Apart from the AH & easier gearing & being able to completely ignore RNG.

This is actually why i love trading in these types of game. As well as the value trading puts on an item. For me the dopamine hits different when Out of nowhere an item drops thats worth 300k gold. Or poe 5 divines.

Im not a fan at all of an interesting mechanic like prophecies being somthing to where if u want to experience it. Ur forced to go CoF to even engage with it.

I just think if prophecies where built/balanced different than what we know currently both factions could benefit from them. Without making one faction weaker/stronger gearing wise than the other. In MG these would help with keeping enough stock in the market. Stock is also another of my concerns with MG with how MG currently works as we know it.

How this would work i dont know. Perhaps keeping prophecies to CoF only is just easier to develop than making ot work for both sides. Currently from what we know prophecies would jist make one faction weaker than the other in its current state

I think im just looking at this differently than u might might. I could be wrong. I dont really see this as if u wamt to trade go mg if not go CoF anymore. For me thats due to prophecies and some other things. Mainly prophecies.

For me its just isnt as simple as yes i want to trade or no i dont. With how the current system is built.

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You can always just switch factions if you’re not happy with the current one. You’re not stuck to them.

To me, the issue with CoF is that it’s still RNG. It has tools to help you with the RNG, but it’s still RNG. Which means that you might simply never get the item you want even if you play 1k hours.
MG, on the other hand, just needs enough players for you to be able to find what you want. And even if you can’t find the BiS item right away, it will probably still have a good item that you can upgrade to.

It will also depend a lot on how it’s presented in the game. If both options are presented with the same appeal, most players will default to trade.


it is still bamboozling me how so many people say that CoF get “new stuff”, while all they get is new systems that apply to the same content MG has access to as well.
There is nothing “new” it is just that you get some more deterministic loot from some things you do.

That is still nothing compared to going to the bazaar and clicking in some menues getting the exact item you want.

Before too much details were announced everybody was like “There is no way they can come up with a system that competes with the ability to precisely buy specific items yo uwant”.

And now everybody is like “Oh no CoF gets shiny stuff ,we poor trade player don’t get”


I have to say i agree with everything u said here.

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This is what i havent quite wrapped my head around yet. The way im looking at prophecies is what i think is not helping with it.

I can however see what ur saying here. Its something to keep in mind and think about

The way I see it is that CoF is for people that like SSF so they don’t have such a crappy time of it like they do in PoE, where the game is very heavily biased towards trade.
But all things being equal, MG will still be easier to gear up, especially for casuals.

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And again! :woman_facepalming:
We really have to stop throwing around these letters S, S and F without even wondering what they might mean…
People can play solo but get their gear from the local corner shop.
Or play in group, but enjoy finding stuff and not buying it.

Edit: replace “people that like SSF” by “people who do not want to trade” and I completely agree with your post.

Not sure I agree with that. Prophecies are part of what balances CoF to the (potential) power of trading so it feels to me that if you add them to MG as well then MG gets both the power of trading plus the power of enhanced target farming, does that not feel a trifle unfair?

It would have to be a complete rebuild for that.

I do have more experience.

Yeah, which is fair. I’m not discounting your viewpoint, I’m just stating some issues with allowing MG to have prophecies as they stand at the moment.

Yeah, but that’s the entire point. Trading is the deterministic version of acquiring items, CoF is the improved RNG version.

Is what I was going to say.


Yes, that is a fair distinction. You can go CoF and still party with other people (whoohoo!), you don’t really have to be SSF. But CoF does make (or is intended to make) SSF much more enjoyable than in PoE, which is the point I was trying to make.
It’s just that, in most games, most people that don’t want to trade usually go with the SSF route.

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For endgame i agree. I Am looking forward for the many changes to the classes and masteries new and old though.

Yeah thats kinda sad. The reward is being able to trade everything.

I don’t think they realized enough how of putting the multiple restrictions are together.
1: not to be right rank. 2: Favor which i like 3: No resseling.
I would like all of those if i would be able to sell items back again.

I meant craft on them and resell it afterwards. That’s why i proposed forging potential for trading as a limiting factor.

I actually added some extra text to this post. I just wanted to add this already but i also wanted to answer Heavy’s thread.

The problem is that you can’t use the traded items anymore since your not the rank in Trade prophecy anymore :cry:

No that’s absolute false. for me it is at least.
Like i said flipping and crafting + reselling is a different game within the game which i like and many with me. I know you don’t like trade which is fine.

Stop acting like i want what CoF has and we poor trade player don’t get that.
That reaction is pretty childish lol. Classic i don’t care about that feature so the people who don’t like how the feature want to be different can *** off kind of attitude.
Normally i can disagree with you and not care about it since you react less childish.


He wasn’t replying to you, he was replying to @oldschooldiablo who has said that very thing vis-a-vis prophecies.

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He says everybody. So he doesn’t like trade fine, move on.
Don’t have to be childish and disrespectful about it to others.

If you take that everybody literally well… that was obviously hyperbole, intentional so.

I was just reflecting what a very very big portion of the LE community said prior to all the details.

Of course everybody has individual opinions, but a large portion of the community was thinking along the lines “whatever they do trade will be superior anyway”.

If you think my statements were childish I think you might took them a bit to serious.

EDIT: I am not even trying to bash trade. Yes I don’t like it, but it is still so funny how now a lot of people are like fuck yeah lets go CoF.

So EHG managed to shift what people will do for a significant amount of players, which I call a success.

But now a small portion of the “still going trade” player are like, but why do CoF gets stuff we don’t.


You may wish to avoid the internet in that case. Plus, IMO, it was a very mildly sarcastic comment that wasn’t disrespectful just because he wasn’t calling “everybody” sir & madam & speaking in (the German equivalent) of Victorian English for nobles…

i think heavy can speak for himself.

Thats your opinion yes. i disagree. Your comment about everybody sir & madam says a lot, when you don’t agree you guys make those kind of comments, its childish really lol.
I will speak out about bad behaviour. You guys backing up each other won’t change that. I wont avoid the internet, i will avoid you guys though, i’m not the first one noticing this either on this forum.