Feedback from a new player

Hi all im new to the game, and would like to give my feedback on my experience and first playthrough that i hope you will look at and maybe use some of it :slight_smile:

First of, i love the game, its really good and feel like something in-between Diablo, POE, and Grim Dawn that will find its own rightfully place between them in time.
I also now its an early access so thing is missing and thing is being worked on, so some of my point will maybe not be relevant, but still what i experience.

1: The story and characters had no impact on me, i did not know who the main characters were and who were not, non of the were standing out, do indicators of importance or who they were.
So there need to be more interface indicators on the NPC who is who and is it a main characters of some random NPC side quest.

2: Areas and Acts, i had no ide were or when in time i was to start with, i got all the way to act 9 before i noticed it say Act 9 in a small pop-up, There really need to be a red line that show you, “Your story” and what act you are in and what you have completed .

3: Levels and Mobs: I have still not found out if im able to see what level an area are im in, or what level the mobs are, do it scale or can i enter an area that is to easy?
As for now in some areas i more or less one shot all. So again interface feedback need to be more clear :slight_smile:

4: Difficulty: Right now i its WAY too easy, im level 60 and have once been close to death, im not even build as a tank and i was able to stand and the the see boses claw hit and just stand there.
I one shot most mobs and if the don’t dig there they burn from ignite in sec.
Also at level 3 i think, i were able to just stand there and let 3-4 mobs hit me over and over ad my health went up faster then down, it made it all in the start feel a bit like it didn’t matter at all.

Also rare and unique mobs are really not that much harder, and they don’t stand out from the others, most of the time i kill them without even seeing they are special.
They need a more flashy interface and auras and need to be more difficult.

Personally i thing it don’t need to be too hard, its a game for all, but when mobs use special abilities you need to move or it hurt.

5: Game mobs and difficulties: As said above the game is too easy, when you start the game there really need to be a way to choose difficulties, i did see there is one who make it hader, but it give you nothing, no more exp or drops.
And as i know some people like to just make it harder, i think most people like to get something for their effort and pain :slight_smile:

A game like Grim Dawn do this very well, as in the start you can choose and toggle, veteran mode on normal difficulty at any time, and that make mobs a lot harder, but give a small amount of more exp and drops, and more bosses.
And then later on you can go up be 2 more difficulties.

6: Skills and Master Class: One thing i love in ARPG is to play with builds, and i like to make out of the box build that change your character, i love skills and passives that change your play style and convert skills to do something els. I just hope that if you convert a lightning skill to fire that the effect of the skill also change with it, so it shows fire and not lightning.

In general i think the skill system is very good in the game, ofc. there are thing that need work. In the start you however see all the skills, i had chosen my main class, and were able to set point in it. I was also able to see my master classes, but there were nothing about how i used them or opened up for them, around level 22 i still did not have them and were forced to google it and some one said i got them at lvl 20, so i used a lot time just trying to find out how to get my master class as the game said nothing about it. At level 29 i got the quest for it.
So maybe hide the master clases until you get the quest or make a nope above the master classes that say you need to unlock your master class quest trough the campaign.

7: Crafting: This is really good in the game, best system i seen in a long time :slight_smile: I however had to go on youtube and see a video on how it worked the first time, the info you get ingame did not help me a lot :slight_smile:

8: Item Cosmetics: i hope this is being worked on, i found this really cool fire crown, and was to excited, but when i put it one, it just show a normal helmet :frowning: But it were still a really good item for me :smiley:

9: Combat and Sounds: I do like the combat in the game, but sometimes the combat feel like its flotey and missing hit impact. I think most of this can be fixed with some more notable hit and skill sounds, D4 had a really good post recently about sounds that make a lot of sense.
But i miss some good indicates about if i hit an armour or some flesh, and some more BANG and sound effect behind some of the skills (In a moderate way) :smiley:

10: General Feedback: In the start i really had a hard time finding out what doors led to what areas, you need to go to the door and hold the cursor over the light to see the name of it.
Plz, make so that if you hover the cursor over the doors on the maps it will say the name.

Mobs in the start of the game are in general boring, the first areas/act is there you sell the game to new players, and now most mobs look very much the same and is all purple :slight_smile: Make some more horrifying mobs and different mobs in the start.

Shops, its a small thing, but its annoying that everytime i go to town, i need to first klick on the NPC and the the SHOP line. Open the shop when i click the NPC that is way i 99% of the time click him, only give me the other option if he has a quest.

Crafting items, they clutter your inventory, until you click the transfer to forge… but if it is that easy, way ass it to the inventory and the first place :slight_smile: ? Just make the go in to the forge interface.

I hope that in time all quests and NPC will have voice, and that helps get into the story and background of the game, it make you feel more attache to it.

I think this is it for now, hope you DEV look at the forum and can use some of the feedback to something :slight_smile:
Overall a really good game, that i will be playing a lot more, so maybe i will come back with more feedback from the late game :slight_smile:


If you hit Esc, it’ll say what chapter you’re in, but yes, it could be more obvious (not that it really matters as such). Also, if you go to the map you’ll see what time period you’re in & when loading you get a time period-specific loading screen.

Hit Tab & it’ll tell you in the top right of the screen. The campaign & monolith have fixed zone levels, the arena scales with your level.

Yes, the campaign is pretty easy, Chapters 6-9 are harder & Majasa is a somewhat harder boss than the preceding ones. I’m reasonably sure the devs have said they’re going to do a balance pass on the campaign at some point.

However, if you want more of a challenge, try Masochist mode.

That’s quite build (& player skill) dependent. But the campaign is easy, monoliths are harder especially later on when you’re stacking modifiers/corruption & then empowered monoliths are harder still.

Personally I think yes, there is Masochist mode for you, it’s harder than Veteran.

That does usually happen, yes.

You were quite overlevelled for it, I think the zone level is in the low 20s.

Does the passive screen not state that you can unlock the masteries from a specific quest? I thought it used to.

Did you try the in-game game guide?

It is, both in terms of the 3d graphics for unique items and MTX.

That & auto-pickup are two things that come up from time to time from some in the community.

They do, they’re pretty active here & on Discord & they take all feedback onboard regardless of the source (new player, experienced, etc), it’s all useful.

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Hi there, thx for the answers, some of it i did not know and will be looking for.
But my point with is that maybe it there, but some of it maybe need be more visible when i can easily miss it :slight_smile:
A good interface that lead your eyes to the right things do a lot for for a new player in a new game.

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Hello, welcome to the community!

Same for me during my first run. It changes a lot after, but this needs to be addressed.

But do you need? I mean, I don’t see the point of knowing in which chapter I am. But I agree, it would be nice to see what we have completed (and eventually missed).

I know that my opinion is not majority, but I strongly disagree. The campaign is a tutorial, we won’t really learn how to play if we struggle all the time. We must keep control, be able to respec, etc. This would not be possible with a difficult campaign.
And then, there is a controversy about the current final boss.
After the campaign, I agree monolith echoes are relatively easy. I see them as a way to slowly adjust our build and finalize it. Then, we unlock empowered timelines.
And there, you’ll find all the difficulty you want. From the very beginning, it is clearly more difficult than normal timelines. The more modifiers you have, the more difficult it becomes. And you can raise the corruption, that can infinitely raise the difficulty.

It arrives usually between levels 22 and 25.
But there’s something I don’t understand. Why not simply follow the campaign? In my first run I knew I had to choose a mastery. Like most players, I did not know when it would occur. So I just played and followed the campaign, I was confident it would lead me to my mastery. Would it happen at level 1 or 50? I did not care, I just had to follow. Why would I want to know all in advance?

Yes, more info in game would be useful, but it’s still very intuitive.

It’s a work in progress. Each patch brings newly reworked items, with 2D and 3D models. See the recent post in the forum about spears, for example.

Agreed, sometimes we don’t really feel we are hitting something. But combat still feels good.

This, and the line from Artem.

Hey welcome to forums :slight_smile: and nicely done feedback. While Llama mentioned most stuff i want to point out one thing :).

LvL 60 is not even monlolith if you poked every corner of the maps from the story line or if you kill repoped enemys again and again. if you are closer to lvl 80-90 and if you poke arround in empowered monoliths or if you push the corruption in said monolith the difficulty will rise.
I see the whole storyline as a bit of a bloated tutorial that offers nice things and the real game beginns at monolith but I#m endgame focused to be honest ^^.

Which the OP likely did if they didn’t get their mastery until lvl 29.

You still overcap realy badly if you do a “poke in each corner and kill all enemys on each map once” playthrough. LvL 29 isn’t that unrealistic to get your mastery if you explore every corner and kill everything once.

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