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Feedback from 65 hours of playtime

Ok so couple days ago started playing again and got my sentinel (paladin) through the campaign into the monolith. Stopped at lvl 70.

Some time ago I tried out all the classes up to lvl 20-30 and I have to say I love the passive tree progression. and the class design overall is awesome. I fell in love with many different skills. most fun I had the the acolyte skill that shoots necrotic skulls, forgot the name (reminds me of summon raging spirits in PoE).

Campaign was really good aswell. I love how you jump between timelines seeing the place first in ruins then again in its former glory etc. definitely a different kind of story campaign that im used to see in ARPG’s

Id like to see story skipping added. End game is the thing you repeat, not the story campaign in my opinion. (reason why i dont play more than one character per leaque in PoE these days. I just cant be bothered playing thru the campaign over and over)

I heard more end game systems are coming so ill just give feedback on what ive seen so far.

I am NOT impressed with the current end game system. The endless arena is just not my cup of tea.
The monolith is almost like playing the PoE Atlas. do x-amount of maps and fight a boss, repeat. Been doing that for years in PoE already so Im not really sold on that either. we’ll see what 2021 brings.

My biggest concern however is that all the time I played i never felt like i need to upgrade my gear, maybe a new weapon here and there let alone invest into “crafting” a.k.a upgrading the tiers of the stats in the items. I went to the monolith with 40-50% on my resistances and overall my gear was garbage still it was smooth sailing. It makes sense that once you reach end game you should atleast have resistance caps, but I feel thicc af with low resistances.

Looking forward to see what else is coming to LE, but as it is right now. It’s a no from me.

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Hi there,

first and foremost, welcome to the LE Forum!

Always great to see new player giving detailed feedback.
As a Veteran who put countless hours into this game, it’s always nice to see people’s fresh perspective on things.

Just some thoughts on your feedback:

Skill is called Hungering Souls. Definitely a very “fun” skill, it just recieved a minor buff in 0.8. Skill was underwhelming for a long period, since it’s damage just is not on par withalot of other skills. (one of the very few skills that is really lackluster in LE). This skill has a lot of cool synergies within other skills or gear. (Like Idol affixes or Death Seal shooting them out frequently)

This topic has been brought up a number of times already. One of my favorite threads about it is already closed sadly, but still great suggestions in there. You might want to check it out.

I am really hoping EHG is considering some kind of system, which makes leveling alts faster. It really does not need to be “skipping” or being crazy fast. I personally just want either a alternative mode (like a mini version of Monolith, that scales to your character level, so you can do that instead of going through the campaign) or any other systems that brigns you faster through the story, if you attempt it on the 2nd+ char.

Also a secondary way of unlocking quest rewards from story (passive points and idol slots) would be needed in conjunction with that.

I think leveling a character from lvl 1 up is still a very important part, especially when you want to try out new builds you want to “grow into” the character/build. So the leveling process should still take some time and should not get totally trivialized.

Totally agree, i absolutely despise arena in LE. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just boring.

While the Monolith Of Fate has some characteristics of Mapping and/or Rifting i still think it has enough of it’s own identity. The system currently at hand is already really nice and has very good and easy potential to be build upon. It’s very modular.

But of course there are still plenty of other endgame systems planned. And from what i get, most of the endgame systems will be somehow linked or provide their own thing. So i imagine there will be endgame systems for various different thing you want to do/achieve.

But we have to see.

From what i read you are coming from a PoE background. And your mindset “i have to be resistance capped” is not mandatory in LE. Resistances are definitely one of the strongest and easiest ways to make your characters very tanky, but they are not mandatory.
All the other defensive options like health, dodge, ward, glancing blow or block are all equally worth, depending on your build/class.

You can also play with with no resitances whatsoever.

I am not sure how far you reached into the MoF. The first few timelines are definitely pretty easy on pretty much every decently thought out build.
But it can get pretty hairy quickly, when you reach higher timelines and need to do 20+ echoes to reach the boss quest. (Or you can even ignore the boss quest and push for 30, 40 or 50+ echoes)

The crafting in LE is very deterministic, which leads to making mediocre items VERY easily and decently powerfull items still pretty easily. But to make perfect items, the amount of time played is still pretty high.

It’s just that you will not have big issues for a long time with really bad items, since you can craft decent items for your build from a basic white item.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I come from PoE as my main game for past 7-8 years and Resistances have always been the most important thing by a mile for survivability. Now that i think about it, i did have some health regen stacked so That also might make me feel beefier, specially if thats the case that you propably dont even need resistances :slight_smile:

I didnt push the monolith that much yet. Maybe ill put in some more effort and push my character further and see how the gearing feels later :slight_smile:

The crafting sure is extremely easy just slap in the stats you want and go up from there. In PoE the crafting process is atleast ten times “harder” hehe.

to sum it up im so used to PoE that LE feels like a childs play.

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I really understand people instantly want to go for resistances, especially when you have no experience in the game. reaching a resistance cap feels like a “goal” or a milestone.
When you just don’t know what other options are viable.
But i can tell you, there are plenty of different ways to approach defenses in LE.
At the very very end, with almost BiS gear, you will probably go for resistances on most builds, but it’s not that you “first” need to reach the resistance cap. (And for builds that don’t focus on resistance, you can maybe just try to get some % squeezed in at the end)

I really like the gearing process in LE, just the very endgame gearing kinda get’s a bit boring, because there are just a few chase items currently. (Mainly idols and if oyu are lucky some good exalted items)

But you can definitely go for any combination of defensive/sustain stats.
If you had a decentamount of health regen, with just enough defenses, to not get 1-shot you are good to go.

Pushing Monolith very very far, without going for the boss(because the timeline resets after defeating the boss), is definitely a cool thing to do. And it’s very rewarding. Once you reached like 200-300+ item rarity and clear the echoes decently, the endchest is ltierally a lootsplosion (the more mobs you kill the more items are in the endchest)

Overall difficulty of LE is definitely pretty easy currently. I am really hoping for more endgame options, especially one that you can push reall high and get some crazy challenge.

But as i said already. The MoF system like it is now, already has potential to get expanded very easily. With mpore lvl 100 timeline, (maybe even lvl 100+) and crazier scaling, new bosses, new areas, so much pontetial.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time and giving feedback.
As i already said, it’s always very enlightening to hear new player feedback.

I hope you will have a wonderful time being part of this awesome community!

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