Falcon idle screech is annoying

I had offline rogue right at mastery selection ready for release, as I was sure the online play wont be available.
Picked falconer, equipped falconry and screech. Ok i get it the birdie says hello. But then again. And again. Every few seconds. Even after 3 minutes of running around its starting to be unbearable.
The frequency of the idle falcon screech needs to be reduced, like by like 90% if not more.
As it is, it saps all the joy of just enjoying the game away :frowning:


Have to agree. I am deselecting the skill every time I want to look at my mastery tree or stand around in town. Hope this will be reduced/disabled in town or gets some sort of toggle.


True, devs please let us change it ourselves in sound settings.


Until fixed i’ll just play warlock for the sake of new experience.


exactly my thoughts and plan

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Please fix this i think quite many are bringing it up even on reddit. super irritating.

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I agree.
It’s constant, and gets old fast.

I won’t stop playing falconer because of it, but it IS annoying.

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Adding my vote for the option to mute the bird. Please. It’s an awful sound and it plays too loud, way too often.

Everything else seems solid with the mastery. Did this get tested on mute?

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Instantly regretting choosing falconry because of the screech. Hopefully this gets updated sometime soon, enjoying the game otherwise.


came here to type the same thing. its so anoying


I found that if you turn the sound effects volume down quite a bit you can still hear other sounds but the bird screech seems to go away almost completely.

Nope not a solution at all for me.
Turning down the sound effects just quietens the whole combat sounds as well as that damn annoying bird, which is not good for an action rpg where combat sounds really make the game feel impactful.

Just wanted to say, as first one who ever posted about this, that I’m very happy with the recent change “Reduced the frequency of the Falcon’s CAWWWWs (attack vocal sounds)”. Makes me feel proud that we managed to do it. Thank you EHG and community!

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