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Fairly new need help with mechanic and scaling pls!

hey guys im fairly new to game played few classes and now i wonder about mage…
i want to design a class but how stuff scale sometimes have weird interaction and not constant
so i need help to understand how some stuff work please !
i really appreciate all the help ! these are general questions about scaling but ill give examples from mage set .

1: some skills have chance to trigger effects/stuff or skills which doesnt have their own skill tree (inside their skill tree) for example… Flame Reave has chance to active fire aura
are these effects are effected by the main skill passive tree?
for example flame reave has chance to to cast fire aura and flame reave also have points in passive tree “more fire damage” and " reave does more damage over time" are these points from Reave passive tree will also apply to fire aura? and flame reave also have chance to apply spreading flames are they effected by flame reave passive tree?

2: i often see skills effect appearing in many different skills / trees are they effected by all of them? for example i see spreading Flames on fire ball passive tree (210% more) and theres the spreading flames on flame reave … will maxing spreading flames on fire ball (210%) will also increase the damage on spreading flames from flame reave? and maxing on flame reave will increase it even more ? all of them are working?
or fire aura has points on flame reave and flame ward are all the fire damage points on flame wards apply to fire aura aswell ? are points from both flame reave and flame ward both apply?

3: there are some effects on passive tree that then also appear on some skill trees are they effected by the skill tree even if applied through passive tree trigger?
for example… on spellblade passive theres warden;s echo with a chance to cast elemental burst when using skills. . if using a fire skill it has chance to cast fire burst , fire burst also appear on enchantment weapon… and theres fire burst has more damage this also apply to fire burst from passive tree? are they same skill? will this damage also apply to ignite applied by fire burst ?

thank you very much for reading any help is appreciated !

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DoT’s applied by a skill will inherit some aspects of that skill. This means reading each node you take and seeing if it applies. Anything that says: “Flame Reaves deal more damage” will apply DoTs like spreading flame but if it says “Flame Reaves deals more hit damage” it will only apply to the hit. Ailments also inherit the increased damage of the skill that applied them with exception to increases that only apply to hit damage. These exceptions are Spell damage, Melee damage, Bow damage etc. Those increases imply a hit.

Generally no unless otherwise stated. Spreading flames (and other ailments with a max amt of stacks) will take the proc from the skill with the longest duration remaining. This usually means the most recently applied.

Yes, but be very careful with the wording often skill will trigger other skills but have slightly different wording which means they ARE different skills. There are a few instances of them having the same wording but being different. The biggest outlier here is Meteor proc’d from Black Hole does NOT use the Meteor tree. Also worth noting that minions do not use your specialization tree if using the same skills. IE sarifice from Skelly mages does not use your tree.

No. Looking the skills’ base damage numbers are different so that tells me they are different skills. I was using Last Epoch Build Planner to see all the juicy details.

PS fire burst look really bad unless you are ONLY looking for an extra hit to proc ignites; even then its a 2 sec cd.

hey thank you ! i really apprecaite the help and answers !
what about fire aura tho? will fire aura be effected by the increase area and more fire damage and more damage that is on the Flame Reave skill tree? and also effected by points on Flame ward ? thanks alot !

as for fire burst yeah i only asked for the general idea to understand how it works and scale as for the 2 seconds cd tho on the passive tree it doesnt have CD and it has 40% chance to active on hit that can be alot of extra ignite ^^

Edit : also about fire aura… it does have “spell” in its tag does it means it also effected by spell damage on passive tree? will it also be effected by flat spell damage like some effects/skills

This specific interaction i am the least sure about but i do not think so.

In this specific case is specifies globally so yes but usually increases are only affected by the skills that proc them. The best example of this is Spark charges from Lightning Blast don’t carry over to spark charges on Ele Nova.

but flame reave does have chance to proc fire aura and flame ward also grant you fire aura if you take the point for it. as for flame reave it says " you have a chance to cast fire aura when you use flame reave" so wouldnt it make sense that like other effects/skills it would also be effected by flame reave skill tree? thats what confuse me in similar situations other effects as you mention like spark are effected… how is the fire aura chance is different than the spark chance ? :slight_smile:

Edit : and that is also true for the spreading flames that is confusing because fire ball has a chance to proc it and so does reave if you take the points for it… wouldnt it normally supposed to be effected by both trees?

This specifies global it so its an exception.

This was an example of them NOT carrying over. (Anymore, it was bugged for a bit but was fixed in last 2 patch patches.)

No, normally it is only affected by the skill that applied the ailment.

“In this specific case is specifies globally so yes but usually increases are only affected by the skills that proc them. The best example of this is Spark charges from Lightning Blast don’t carry over to spark charges on Ele Nova.”

but sparks created by lightning blast are effeceted and empowered by the lightning blast skill tree right ?

that would mean… fire aura that proc through the 30% chance on flame reave should be effected by flame reave skill tree?

in that case i was specifically referencing the node that specify spark charges. Spark charges are not affected by the rest of the skill tree.