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Failed to login to chat and ladder

Whenever I go to log in, i get failed to log in to chat and ladder and once i go into my character the chat and the ladder are just completely blank.

Guess servers are at their limit.
Hope it gets resolved soon.

I also cannot login to Chat or Ladder and do not have any of the 35$ support pack rewards. I purchased the pack on Steam.

Bump, same here. Steam build for Windows.

i have the same issue - I’m an Elder supporter from the kickstarter campaign.

Hello me too.Is this issue started from the steam or anything else.

+1 Hasn’t been able to connect in chat for over 24 hrs now. Steam version

Me its chat and ladder, but only ladder failed to login is dislplayed :poop:

Hi everyone,

Anyone found to have been cheating to get on the ladder will be prevented from accessing the ladder again in future. If this doesn’t explain your inability to access the ladder, then please send an e-mail to and we will investigate for you.

I am going to close this thread as we cannot address account issues publicly.