Extreme "server side lag"

on my Javelin/smite (electrify) paladin i have Huge problems with what I think is Server side lag.

What happens:
Lag “spikes” (sometimes spikes sometimes until i leave the region) that cause a delay in every action besides movement. it feels like a complete desync that can cause skills to activate up to 60 seconds late but then on the place i casted them. it also includes mobs as i get a lot of “ghost hits” that i cant see and sometimes i get bursted to 0 without any sign of enemys.

When: nearly constantly on larger maps. it sometimes starts after a few seconds or it takes some time but on “normal” mof maps it happens 90%+. On the boss quests it sometimes happens but its not a big problem there as its rare.

i dont think its a problem with my pc but my specs are:
Cpu: threadripper 1920x
Ram: 32gb
Gpu: RTX 3080
LE is stored on my SSD raid with about 9gb/s read/write

Please let me know if you have tips or need anything else from me.

Edit: its not a specific 0.9h problem as it is a problem for a few patches now (dont know exactly when i hit it)


To help the team isolate, identify and eventually resolve these sorts of issues, it helps if you provide additional logs, config and system diagnostics.

That way they can see if the server side issues are completely server side or some combination of server side and client side.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (482 Bytes)
Player.log (681.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (86.7 KB)
DxDiag.txt (124.0 KB)

Having similar issues with doing monoliths, where I desync from fighting mobs they become invisible and the client is playing back whats happening as it’s trying to catch up to the present. However I can swap over to another char and the issue isn’t there. Very confused. (Playing on Mage/Sorc when this happens and it’s unplayable.)

Player.log (58.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (214.7 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (480 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (116.3 KB)

Please help.

another log as the problem is still the same
Player.zip (865.3 KB)

and to have a visual of a less bad one i uploaded a ~3 minute mof were it was okay in the start and got worse in the end up to were you can see how the skills get cast in batches and not when you cast them.

I’ve also had this “rubber banding” issue since I started playing (in 0.9,) but only in Monoliths.
It was occasionally bad, and killed my character, but went away after 5-10mins.

However since the latest patch the game is unplayable as it’s continuous. I get huge lag, my char runs around ghost casting, all the mobs run on the spot, then it snaps forward and my character is dead.

Player.log (282.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (470 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (114.3 KB)

I hope these files help you work out what’s going on, as I’ve seen lots of people in Global chat saying they have the same problem. I can’t play anymore because of this…


PS, I am on EU West and always have between 20-40ms while this issue is happening.