Extreme Desync/Lag

Yes, they are happening and getting progressively worse. I had to log off about 40 minures ago before the desk chair went through the window!

Its really bugging me that it might be my side however the game has been flawless up until the first hotfix was pushed a few days back. As i mentioned above, its getting worse to the point im playing solo and still have ridiculous desync which is now making the game unplayable.

What region are you in? Are you experiencing these issues with all skills/points of gameplay? Or does it seem to be specific things that cause it to spike?

I’ve noticed this after changing areas while in a party. On my screen I am roaming with friends and attacking mobs. On their screen I am still at the entry point to the area. While I am attacking mobs it does no damage. Eventually it’ll sync and I’ll teleport back to the entry on my screen. Sometimes it’ll desync immediately again and when I try to catch up with group I’m still out of sync and teleport back again, other times it’s fixed. I noticed this happens in conjunction with the doors taking forever to load.

I play with two different groups. I am in US west. The one group is US East, the other is Australia. I don’t notice it more or less with either group. Sometimes the connection is to US west and the whole group is with me. Other times I’m on their servers. Seems about the same regardless of which realm I’m connected to.

I am certain it is not anything with my setup / internet.

Region is EU West.
It happens EVERY single ring event in an echo.
If the map is a ring event, i manage maybe 1 wave normal then desync hits and mobs dont even render. This is without fail both now in single player and multiplayer (although multiplayer generally ends in a disconnect).
Running standard map echoes in single player is fine unless theres a ring event at the end.
Running standard maps in multiplayer can be 50/50 as theres always desync but it depends how bad. None of this happened 2 days ago.
Its weird as its not really a spike, its as if theres too much going on for the connection to handle and its dropping packets everywhere yet the ping never changes.

HybridLyte, thought it easier to just record gameplay footage to show you exactly whats happening. This is everytime, without fail, luckily this time i completed the ring event albeit 45 seconds after it had actually completed! As you can see, its unplayable and the ping stayed at 48ms and was 48ms when i stopped the video.

Looking forward to some help to get it resolved - im firm in the belief its to do with the flame wraith!

Desync Video

This same issue is being reported in slightly varying ways across several threads. I suggest support try to dedup them, maybe to Cannot start Echoes and randomly get disconnected halfway through if they start - #8 by WindowMaker .

The above thread has a pretty good investigation by Phoxly that I think is close to root causing this. . TLDR it might be ISP throttling due to network traffic patterns used by Last Epoch that look like p2p sharing.

Oh this has been in the game for awhile now. All I want to do is play and I cant because of how constant this is.

Just to throw a random scenario into the mix, last night I was on EU West as per usual and grouped up with a random guy to help him kill Lagon. Both playing necro and within phase 1 of lagon, we both desynced heavily, i couldnt talk in chat or tells.

Somehow managed to kill lagon then the other player dc-ed. I relogged due to unresponsive chat. Took him 5 failed login attempts to get back into game.

He finally came back, we grouped up and ran probably 10 echoes flawlessly including arena echoes - no lag, no desync. Turns out the guy was in Seattle US, im in England… my ping was 182…

How on earth can the game play flawlessly with this scenario yet when i play with people from my own country the game falls over due to desync /mindboggle

To add to this, I noticed the game clogging up my updload bandwidth when theses lags/desyncs occur.

My internet sadly is not too good (16/1 mbit) but I haven’t had any issues in other games so far

Yes, in NA - Constantly happens. If I try a second echo it happens every time unless I port to end of time and back to the monolith. Happens on waves of arena, the further I get the more likely, making it impossible to get to wave 50. Game would be great if I could actually play it but this is extremely frustrating. PLEASE FIX

This is happening on a large scale in NA. Connections to the US-WEST server used to be 10-20 ping, at the maximum. Ping has now skyrocketed to 100-150ms, with constant freezing, desync, and general lag. Partying with friends makes the game unplayable - we cant even load into maps together anymore, or the game just freezes and crashes one/all of us.

We’re investigating these issues but they are proving difficult to fully nail down. I’ll be passing on as much information from the forums as I can. In the future, when you notice these issues occurring, could you post the time it occurred, your specific timezone, and your Player.log file? Having as much information as possible for investigating issues like this would be a big help.

Recent patches have made the rubber banding more of an issue.
Used to happen once or twice a zone it’s now 4+ times.
I’m on EU West (UK) with a 40ms ping.

By this, are you referring to the rubber banding issues with movement/traversal skills? Or is there noticeable rubber banding separate from this?

Your game lag because it use all (100%) upload bandwith.
The more there is ennemy spawn/damage calculation the worst it is.
This is also why nobody play group of 2+

If you want i can open a megathread concerning network lag / issue for you. Found 17 threads about this


We’re aware of these issues and are tracking them internally. Compiling things into a single thread to track could be helpful!

I’ll be moving through the zone and I’ll keep moving but everything stops for 1 to 2 seconds.
I’ll get teleported back to where my pets are frozen and everything returns to normal.

Gotcha, I had figured it would be the one related to lag/desync but wanted to be sure as the Movement/Traversal rubber banding is a separate issue that we’re tackling.

Done! :grinning:
Redirection: Network lag/issues Megathread

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