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Everything goes blurry while moving


whenever playing the game and move my character around the surroundings turn blurry, while I stand still again everything turns sharp and crisp again.
FPS-wise I dont experience any issues even if I play on Ultra

No matter what I do with the graphics settings I always experience this blurriness while moving and it makes the game unplayable for longer periods of time as its hard to look at the screen without getting a headache.

The only thing that somewhat seems to reduce the issue is reducing the resolution from 1440p down to 1080p, but as said I don’t experience any FPS issues etc. even on Ultra - may this be just an optimization problem of the game client?

My monitor is a 144hz (4ms latency) 2560x1440 WQHD

My system:
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
System Manufacturer: ASUS
System Model: All Series
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Memory: 16384MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 12

Some others on steam seem to experience the same issue:

Same question essentially as the last poster on steam:
Is there a config file where I can switch off Motion Blur or something? Is this a known issue?

Hi, Welcome to the forum…

I cannot say that I have personally experienced anything like this and I dont recall anyone posting an issue like this to the forum… There is no Motion Blur setting in game and to be honest, I have never noticed what I would consider intentional motion blur in the game on the part of the game design.

I run virtually the same system as you - 1060gpu, i5-7500, 16gb ram nvme drive etc… Only difference is that I run on 1080p as I dont have a higher res monitor. For stability & performance reasons, I definitely dont run on Ultra. From my testing, anything higher than Medium tends to cause freezes, lag spikes and game crashes and thats not even counting poor FPS in busy moments. I usually only use Ultra settings to test or look at eyecandy… never for play.

The only time I have found there to be “blurriness” is when I was testing anti-aliasing and resolutions that test monitors could not support and had some sort of scaling enabled. Another situation where blurriness could be interpretted would be low framerate where the GPU is unable to render the frames fast enough…

This and the fact that you say no graphics setting removes this blurring issue - even at 1080p, it leads me to believe that there has to be some other configuration elsewhere - perhaps at a GPU driver level… maybe even a automatic monitor hardware setting that is trying to compensate for refresh rate issues vs FPS that your GPU can sustain.

I am definitely guessing at possibilities… so…

  1. Are you running the latest Nvida drivers installed using a CLEAN installation (not upgrade). Is the driver running on 100% default settings - i.e. the driver is not configured to override any in-game settings… This is especially important for things like 3d performance vs quality and other settings like anti-aliasing etc that can affect visuals…

  2. Is your monitor set to do any dynamic refresh rate changes or any resolution scaling of any kind? Does your monitor have any features where it tries to adjust refresh rates less than its default 144hz - i.e. if you run a lower framerates, does it try to compensate in any way?

  3. Is your windows fully patched and has no failed or outstanding updates for anything?

  4. Have you made sure that the game install is ok by verifying the game files (if you are using Steam)?

  5. As a test, while the game is not running, delete the le_graphicsmanager.ini file - and try the game again, this will reset the game to the default configuration. If this doesnt make any difference, then try and change the Special features by setting all shadows, antialiasing, grass, reflectionts, lighting, screen space options to OFF or VERY LOW… It could be that one of these settings is the culprit… Antialising can definitely make the game look blurry…

  6. Monitor your FPS - if you are getting lowish FPS, it may be exacerbating what you are interpretting as blurriness… especially if one of the special features is also involved…

Thanks Vapourfire for your in depth reply!

I just yesterday did a full fresh installation for Windows and updated all my drivers, so the system is as de-cluttered as it can get at the moment.

After your performance details I assume it has something to do with performance issues even though I don’t experience any issues other than the screen tearing while movement.

I’ll see to use an FPS monitor to get some real data rather than going just by feel.

Also I’ve read about some other threads about the issue under the umbrella term screen tearing, where they fiddle with some vsync option as the ingame might not be working as intended for some people.
(Screen tearing. :: Last Epoch Steam-related Discussion)

I’ll trial and error a bit through my nvidia options panel settings for vsync and monitor my FPS / performance throughout my tests to see if I can achieve a satisfying improvement

Otherwise I guess it’s time for a graphics card upgrade^^

So after some tests I’ve found that forcing Enable Vsync for the game.exe helped a bit in Nvidia Control Panel, now checking with the Steam inbuilt FPS monito

After forcing Vsync in the NVIDIA Control Panel it looks like this now:
Very Low 1080p >> 112 FPS while moving in city >> No Screen Tearing
Very Low 1440p >> 69 FPS while moving in city >> No Screentearing
Ultra 1080p >> 60 FPS while moving in city >> No Screen Tearing
Ultra 1440p >> 38 FPS while moving in city >> Screen Tearing

So the trend is clear here, that it’s mainly an issue of the graphics card getting to its limits.
At that point kudos to the dev team - other than the screen tearing I didn’t feel any performance issues why I found this quite weird and went to create this post - so seems to be well optimized generally.

I’ll probably choose to stay at 1080p for the moment but will definetly have to upgrade my graphics card soon. Game looks fantastic in 1440p and the higher resolution heavily improves the games feel.

Definetly looking forward to enjoying this game for the next couple of years

Yes… this is something that has come up more than once and has been hard to resolve as it seems to require a case by case solution - i.e. one thing might work for someone but not someone elses setup. If you think your “blurriness” could be this, then that does change the troubleshooting…

Regarding your figures… I cannot test the 1440p but I get similar figures (almost identical) to your FPS results on my setup with 1080p and I dont see screen tearing - same as you. So that is a good confirmation of the current performance levels being similar on similar hardware…

Thanks for doing this testing and posting the results… it will help for comparisons when they release the next patches (September ish) - which are supposed to include noticeable performance improvements…

Your GPU is the 6gb version (mine is 3gb) so you are likely to be able to handle the higher texture quality before instability issues kick in, so that would probably explain why you are ok with things right now - especially on higher settings… I would still be careful if I were you - especially with builds that proc lots of screen effects or control a lot of mobs etc… Nothing like running a VK Devouring orb with purple flashes nailing a big mob pull all over the screen and wondering why you have dropped 40fps… followed by the game freezing for a few seconds :wink:

New GPU… just take note about bottlenecking… I am in a similar situation with similar hardware and from research I have done, just upgrading my 1060 to something like a 3070 Ti will start to cause issues in CPU bound games… i.e. I’ll notice a graphics improvement, but if I dont upgrade my CPU too, then the GPU is going to be hamstrung by the CPU being too slow to feed it… and thats basically wasting money/potential :wink:

Yes that’s a good point with bottlenecking, I intended to generally upgrade my PC overall as my Mainboard is I believe from somewhere around 2015? It’s already a very old PC and I updated RAM & Graphics card once already so I should definetly also upgrade CPU

With the current low of crypto currencies maybe GPUs become reasonably affordable again and a couple months down the line I’ll probably look for some good offers of complete setups

I may come back here and post the updated numbers after the patch released in case I see any relevant differences

I noticed it too.
It’s the TAA antialiasing, it really doesn’t like the grass in the beginning. Just switch to SMAA for example.