Every 1-2 hours game crashes

So, my game just crashes every 1-2 hours. This happens after i enter the map. In the crahs log folder i dont see anything (no files, just empty folder). Anyone know how to fix it. Also i have problem with a black screen when i try to enter the map. It’s happen from time to time, just a black screen with other interface.
Pls help me :grinning:
le_graphicsmanager.ini (535 Bytes)

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Are you using an Nvida graphics card and did you recently update your graphics card driver to 466.77?

If you did, then I would suggest your roll back your driver to something older and test again.

If the above suggestion doesnt apply, then please post your game logs, dxdiags and other information.

I checked my driver version and it’s 456.71.
Player.log (104.2 KB)
Player-prev.log (121.9 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (536 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (122.2 KB)


Driver 466.77 causes an almost identical problem (black screen) to what you are experiencing so I had to check.

From your information:

  1. Your in-game settings are fine - these should be the most stable configuration for your hardware and you are doing the right things by limiting the framerate and keeping eye-candy conservative. You might need to watch your GPU usage % while playing and see if its still getting too high. I recommend that your GPU usage average while playing should be around 60-70% with spikes up while the game gets busy… If its in the 80-90% or more all the time then you need to reduce the Framerate limits lower… For example… I play on an i5-7500/1060/16gb/NVME with 1080p, 55fps framerate limited and all settings on very low or disabled. My GPU averages around 65-70% usage and I get about 50-55fps for 80% of the game.

  2. Please verify your game files through Steam. This is very important as there can be corruption of the game files if it crashes… You may need to do this more than once to be sure.

  3. The player.log is showing D3D11 errors while trying to create textures in the game which eventually leads to the game crashing so this could be something to do with graphics drivers…

  4. the dxdiag reports that your GPU driver is from 30.09.2020 which is a bit too old now… I would recommend that you update to something in the 46x range - just not 466.77 and I wouldnt take the latest ones…

  5. Unfortunately I cannot read Russian, but from the diagnostic section at the end of the dxdiag txt file, I can see that your system is having some problems that relate to graphics…

    • dwm.exe is the Desktop Windows Manager that is part of the Windows OS… it is crashing often… This service is responsible for hardware accelleration on your windows system (and other things). If something is not working with it, then it could be responsible for crashing LE… I have seen this problem with another player but they ended up resetting/reinstalling their windows to get rid of it - once they did, then they had no dwm errors and LE stopped crashing…

I recommend that you:

  • Run windows Update to be sure things are ok.
  • Update your graphics card driver to something newer as above
  • Run Window System File Checker
  • Run Windows Update another time to make sure.
  • Verify the game files through steam.

So, i fixed it :slight_smile:
Just reinstall Windows and updae all drivers. Now all’s good.
Thank u 2 much for u’re hellping

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