Evade / dodge roll as an ability + share cd with traversal skills

Ehm, no?
Grim Dawn added evade 6 months ago :smiley: (November 2023 as of Patch

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Funny, I was under the impression that it was added a few years ago. I stand corrected then.

That’s because Mike has said before that the only thing they could guarantee was that the player could move & do damage. They couldn’t assume that a build had a movement skill so they designed the boss fights with this in mind. With the evade/roll/whatever they can assume that the player has this available as well so they can design boss fights with it in mind.

Yes, they can. But, personally, I think that having an evade is more likely to shift a game towards bullet hell territory than souls-like.

Also, according to Mike, evade is only slightly better than walking. Which means the range it has is limited. So in practical terms it doesn’t really change anything regarding boss design other than allowing you to position slightly better.

And lastly, you can’t really design around it because some people will have a 1s cooldown on it and others will have a 4s cooldown.
This is not even mentioning possible interactions with uniques/etc which are an unknown at this point.

So yes, everyone will have evade. But not every character’s evade will be the same.

From the information available so far, I feel like evade will have a very minimal impact on the gameplay.

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The CT program (from the outside) appears to be a corrupt collection of streamers and website owners (based on 1.0 launch), so you might as well lock it in.

Well, I’m very happy to report that is not the case at all. The vast majority do not fall into those categories at all. It has people from a very diverse gaming background.


If that’s what it looks like then you’re either new here or missed the 2 stages of the CT. It was first started with a relatively small number of handpicked players to test the Rogue pre-0.8, then massively expanded for multiplayer testing. So the number of “streamers and website owners” in the program is a tiny fraction of a %. If you were talking about the first tranche then you’d be closer to the mark on your numbers, but saying that they are corrupt just makes you sound bitter that you’re not one of them.

Never once wanted to be.

Then why did you call them corrupt, which they aren’t, as well as ignore the vast majority of the rest of the CTs? While I don’t know the sizes of the two populations, I’d be surprised if the “streamers and website owners” group is more than 1% of the total, if not closer to 0.1%.

But hey, what do I know? I’m just a soulless coroprate shill white knight gatekeeping everything to keep LE from becoming a cookie cutter auto clicker that shits out the best possible gear with gay abandon better gaem.

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