EU West server severe lags

I have around 40-50 ms ping in EU West and its at best bearly playable. It looks more like 300+ to 1000 ms. Fighting bosses is nearly impossible. Reaction after clicking portal is atorund 10s. And so on, so on. I asked other people and they have the same problem. I’m from Poland if that help in any way. Idk from where other people that answer were, but I’m sure that other polish people have the same. Is that problem recognized and in fixing?

Any news? Cuz’ im gonna lose my mind if lags gonna cost me more good echos or boss attempts. ELEVENTH?!

To whomever it may concerne: just play on another server with least ping. EU server is clearly broken and the ping meter is bugged as well. There were only news regarding problems with connectivity. Its clear, thats not the only problem with the Europe server. Its still functioning very poorly overall. Im just disappointed with the lack of clarity and information flow in that matter. Peace.

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