Eternal loading screen times and game delays

Hello to all,

I have a huge loading screen problem. My loading times between zones are mostly 1 to 3 minutes. the longest loading times are 5 minutes and more and the shortest are around 30 seconds (but they are rather rare).
in the game itself i also have bigger delays. when i fight an enemy, i see his life bar decreasing. however, he then dies or explodes 10 to 20 seconds later. It’s the same with looting. I pick up an item and only 10 seconds later it’s in the inventory.

I have already tried a few things:

Graphics card clean installed
Windows up do date
Verify integrity of game file
Start game as administrator
Run game in compatibility mode
Reinstall game

But all this did not help.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Player.log (655.0 KB)

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same problem for me :frowning: i hope this problem fixing soon!

I never encountered this issue until today too. Haven’t played in 1-2 days, but for me it only happens when i open a mono quest.

The infinitely long loading screen is a horror. I can’t create a HC character because sooner or later i die while looking at the loading screen.
I am currently stuck on the quest "Defeat the Emperor’s Remains! I can’t enter the boss room because I’m already dead in the loading screen.

This is annoying