Entropic Resistance an Alternate to Elemental Resistance

Just like it says, I believe an alternate to elemental resistance that adds to poison, necrotic, and void resistance would be good for the game in general. I asked around on chat in game to see if anyone thought this was a good idea and so far the reception seems rather positive.

Let me know if there’s some obvious reason I’m missing for why this is a very bad idea, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

Yes, this has been suggested before. I’m not sure how “good” it would be since you’d effectively be reducing the number of resists you need to cap from 5 to 3, elemental, phys & entropic.

My main concern would be, that Masteries that heavily can cover one resistance already (for example acolyte with necoritc resistance) would become way less impactful.

Because at the end most people would only stack elemental resistance and this new other bulk resistance you suggested.
Because it’s simply to easy and convenient to replace and upgrade gear with such generic resistance affixes.

I personally even dislike elemental resistance as an affix, I think it should be exclusive to specific Masteries or maybe unique items.
But that’s an entire different discussion.

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That’s kinda how it is with Elemental resist at the moment but people don’t complain about it.

For me it’s not a deal breaker currently, but I think another such resistance would make defensive gearing waaaay too streamlined.

This sounds very similar to returning to Set Affixes, specifically set resistances, that used to be in the game.

Patch 0.7.10 removed all set affixes in the game except set resistances – which bundled all resistances into three affixes: Set Elemental, Set Physical & Void, and Set Necrotic & Poison. These were then removed in patch 0.8.1 with this as the explanation as to why;

While your suggestion is not exactly the same, I’m not sure it differs so much that it avoids the same pitfalls that set resistances brought to gearing.

It’s not like set resists though, he’s just asking for an overarching resist for void/necrotic/poison in the same way that we have elemental resist. This has also been asked for several times before.

But it would still create 3 main affixes that people would use in gearing. While the mechanics are different, they arrive at the same result – do they not?

Yes, but then why not get rid of elemental resist as a suffix?

They could very well do that, but I’m assuming they wanted to approach the change in a less drastic way, and may even like how gearing resistances works right now regardless of having that Elemental resists option still available. Obviously, this is just an assumption.

I know Mike talks very fondly about having to mix and match gear pieces as they’re altered to still get resistances to work on a build during the dev streams. So at least one of the developers enjoys the challenge of making the various resistances work for a build.

Condensing the resistances to just 3 affix shards seems to trivialize this gearing challenge, which is basically what the set resistances did back when they were available.

You know, I can actually see your point, and this is something that I had not taken into consideration.

There are a few ways I can see that might be able to fix this. Either by making them grant resistances at a much reduced rate (similar to but not identically to the “all resistances affix”) or by making the affixes for elemental and/or entropic much more rare (like the “+1 to level of” affixes), or only allowing these affixes on certain gear (like amulets or rings)

Although, after hearing both sides of the argument I’m now on the fence instead of firmly for one side or the other.

Two set resistances plus a physical one gets my vote. I would rather have an easier time getting my character defensive than be stuck with a build that gets easily one-shot by some enemies due to one particular resistance being 0 or very low. LE already has multiple layers of defense that need to be played around with and balanced to survive; armor, resistances, block, ward, i’m not sure if there is a fifth. They should not make one of the layers, resistances, unnecessarily convoluted to get right compared to the others imo.

Endurance and dodge.

I looked up endurance and also noticed glancing blows. 7 layers of defense is a lot for an ARPG, just saying, but i guess we are not meant to spec into them all.

No, and they don’t all work together (if you have ward, endurance isn’t doing anything for you), nor do they all affect everything (block/dodge/glancing blows/armour only work against hits, not DoTs).

Plus there are a few intances of % damage reduction (on the Sentinel, Primalist & Rogue, for example, as well as the Wings of Argentus).

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