Enemies & Armor Updates | Coming in Convergence

Hello Travelers, and happy Saturday!

The weekend may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean the Pre-Patch Blog Post Hype Week has been paused! In today’s post, we’re having a look at a few of the new enemies you’ll encounter in Eterra, as well as a few of the new high-level armor designs you’ll be able to find during the Convergence in Beta Patch 0.9.

New Enemies

So far, we’ve discussed level design and skills, and yet something still needs to populate these levels and provide something for these skills to be wielded against.

With patch 0.9, we’ve updated and replaced many of the enemies which you’ll encounter with entirely new models, and a lot of focus is on some of the earliest enemies you’ll encounter in the game. These enemies feature completely new models, animations, attack patterns, and distributions. The enemies we’re going to be sharing today may be small or may rely on swarm tactics; however, being some of the most populous enemies makes it quite crucial for these enemies to be distinct and memorable.

The Void Grub

The first new enemy we’re meeting today is the new Void Grub. This relatively large, almost ball-like creature of the void may not be very nimble on its feet but has identified other methods of locomotion to be wary of. Using its sharp tongue, it can also lash out at deceptively long distances.

The Void Drone

The second creature we’re taking a look at today is the new Void Drone. A swarming enemy, Void Drones can often be found in packs. Their flower-like appendage can allow them to camouflage into the environment, and you should be wary of approaching a pack of Void Drones unaware, as in a group, they can pose quite a threat to you and your party.

The Flying Void Worm

The final Void creature on our list today is the new Flying Void Worm. By introducing a flying enemy alongside ground units, we provide more significant variation within enemies and provide players with a greater variety of targets to choose from. We felt that the previous Voidfused Bats did not accurately represent what a flying void enemy should look like, so we have replaced them with this impressive new model. Additionally, these new enemies are larger, allowing players to fully appreciate their striking appearance and beautiful face.

These are certainly not the only new creatures to be found in patch 0.9. Some much larger and more dangerous foes are said to wander the world, though no one has yet been able to survive bringing back information on them.

Updating Armor Sets

Patch 0.9 - Convergence continues our goal of having unique visual appearances for each tier of gear in the game. This update will include new armor set models for all five classes. For today’s post, we’re showing off some of the new highest-tier gear for the Primalist, Acolyte, and Mage coming in patch 0.9. We are excited to see players discover these updated sets, and perhaps, even more can be found in the land of Eterra.

Primalist - T60

Fur, feathers, animal skulls, antlers, leather, and various adornments make up this high-level Primalist gear set. A very technical armor set for 3D design, this gear set tends to lean more towards the “shaman” side of the Primalist, offering greater defensive capabilities and an increased level of intimidation compared to earlier sets. The use of fur and feathers helps to create a more natural, organic appearance, while the incorporation of animal skulls and antlers adds a touch of menace and power.

Acolyte - T60

This high-level acolyte set leans into its use of luxurious and more exotic materials. Embroidered cloths, intricately gilded and enameled armor pieces, and a delicately carved masquerade mask make up most of this armor set. While the addition of several horns, chains, and cuffs helps to tie us into the Acolyte’s style firmly, it also elevates our class above it.

Mage - T50

Playing into the regal background of the Mage, this high-tier armor set crowns him as the preeminent master of magic. Implementing gold and royal purples with complex fabrics and materials, this set distinguishes the Mage as someone to fear and respect while also offering more protection. Being a set tailored for the mage, there is, of course, very little pocket space, but it does offer some clasps for scrolls as well as several other ornaments of power.

And Another One

Thank you all for joining us for today’s look into some of the enemy and armor improvements coming to Last Epoch in Beta Patch 0.9! We’ll be back again tomorrow with a much more technical post as we take a dive into some of the performance and optimization improvements we’ve made to make for a smoother experience coming in just five days on March 9th!

Farewell for now, Travelers, and we’ll see you all again tomorrow.


Looking spicy nice to see different animals used for primalist helm. keep up the helm diversity great job art team <3

looks good acolyte is my fave

ACOLYTE JUICER :heart_eyes:

Art/design team are absolutely killing it

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think the Mage set is missing from the post.

Same for me, even in a different browser :o

hmmm, it should be in the post, and is appearing correctly for myself. I’ll try re-uploading it to the post.

Edit: It appears to not be displaying for some users on iPhones, appears to be displaying on other devices correctly. Until we’re able to re-render the video, I’m adding a gif version here for users who are unable to view the video version.


Edit 2: We’ve re-rendered the Mage T50 Video, and it should now be displaying correctly for all users in the post. If this is not the case for you, please let us know!


I see it just fine. Just letting you know that is not missing for everyone.

Seems visible in Chrome for me, but missing in Firefox. I can view the video by downloading it first and viewing it in VLC so the file seems ok. Clearing Cache doesnt seem to resolve it either.

Any chance of adding a wardrobe system in the future? Collecting skins and customizing the looks of the characters is always fun.


I love the direction you guys are taking with high level armor designs. They represent the class identities very accurately (and look badass and make me want to play them to look like that)!

Also, the mage armor is now displaying in the post itself, thanks for reuploading it, I don’t know why it fixed it, but I guess we’re not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:


Its working now.

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I can confirm I was also on Firefox and it’s working now.

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Unfortunately I am not a big fan of this.

I really hope there will be more High Tier Acolyte “Armours” that will not be so much “armoured” and more Leather/Cloth with chains and accessories instead of full blown armour.

On top of that I really hope that actolyte gets more diverse implicit stats on their armours, especially helmets, since it is severely lacking variety.

It’s lacking quite a bit of (metal) armour to be “full blown armour”, assuming you mean full plate mail.