Endless Arena Champion Bug

So after finishing wave 90, I got the window saying I completed it and asked me if I want to continue or take my reward. I was picking up some stuff that dropped from barrels until something sniped and killed me from a distance. https://puu.sh/IS5rI/a49ba28618.jpg
I don’t think something should spawn if I already got the message to proceed or to abandon run.

It’s a shame that when I was gonna take my rewards and leave then this happens, turned out to be just a waste of time.

And I’m not sure if this falls under “Level-design” tag, but I included it anyways.

Unfortunately this issue has existed for a long time now… Sometimes its a mob with a respawn modifier, other times the game just indicates a completed an objective/arena wave but there is still a straggler alive somewhere… Sometimes its DoT that is still active that kills you after the fact…

Not sure how the devs are going to deal with all the possibilities here but they know about the issue and its most definitely not restricted to the Arena…

I rarely go to arena so I didn’t know. I thought this is just a new bug regarding this new area/feature. The proceed/abandon UI is always on top too once you “finished” the area and blocks the screen making it hard to target enemies in that part of the screen. I hope this gets fixed soon, I really find it kinda infuriating to die in a manner like this without giving a proper fight. I’ll just be more cautious next time I guess.

Thank you.

This one is a regular complaint too… Happens to me fairly often in Monoliths when you have killed the boss but there is still a minion running around behind the pop-up… The auto blessing pop-up is even worse…

Devs definitely need to do something about the “ending” sequence of maps where things pop-up automatically - imho, they should all be a “click to continue” kind of thing like a ? over the boss corpse etc… that way you can make sure you are safe before accepting rewards etc…

I have made a suggestion post about it. Thank you for pointing that one out.

Thanks for the report. This is an issue we’re tracking internally. Additionally, an issue like this wouldn’t necessarily be Level Design related, it’s more of a UI issue.

About the problem, it only happened in the "Unlimited"mode(I forgot what it’s called ingame. But it’s the one with the leaderboard). It’s totally fine with T1 and T2 when I tried earlier.

And okay, thanks. I’ve changed it to UI tag.

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