Arena and Monolith Suggestion

After encountering some bug with the arena earlier (can be found here), I’ve decided to share some thoughts of how it can be improved.

  1. Give a semi-permanent buff that grants invincibility for players after they finish the wave for arena or objective in monolith until they start a new wave or leave the area.
  • This will prevent players from maybe dying from some wandering enemy that for some reason still alive after you kill the boss or completed the objective.
  • Some arena maps have traps that deal damage if you stand on top of it, sometimes enemies go on that spot which you might have to chase if you’re melee and forgot it’s a trap area (assuming it was the last enemy on the map but you haven’t left the arena yet)
  1. This might need more coding or implementing another hidden feature for each map. Like execute a dev-level command like /killenemies /cleararea, or whatever… after each stage completion in arena. Or make the circular thing objective (sorry I forgot what they’re called. The ones you have to cleanse/purify) in Monolith release some shockwave that pretty much 1HKO any enemies it comes in contact with at a pretty wide radius to–again, prevent some wandering mob potentially kill the player even after the objective has been completed. Or make a barrier around it that prevents enemies and projectiles from coming through.

  2. This might might have been suggested already but maybe make Arena’s “proceed/abandon” UI hidden under some button like monolith’s “open portal”. This goes the same with Monolith’s blessing reward UI which is so big it blocks almost the entire screen (Thanks to VAPOURFIRE for pointing this one out.) Make a button to show/hide these UIs like the “open portal”

  3. Either change or remove some enemy properties like the “auto revive after 2 seconds” and other similar “revive” ones (if we ever have more) because this can also kill the player after completing the arena/objective especially if the enemy is strong. Maybe just make them full heal if not killed immediately after falling like 10-25% HP?

Thank you for reading.

EDIT: 2 hours after posting this, I attempted another run. I’ll just completely avoid this for now I guess.

We plan to have it so that the first arena waves don’t start until you move a little just like in the arena echoes in the monolith. It might not be until 0.8.6 though.


That would still leave the issue of champs with the revives after 2s mod reviving after the player believes that they have cleared the area & are safe though. This is especially an issue if that happens on the last wave before you get the choice to exit or continue.

That would be a nice addition to Arena but like I mentioned in this post that I made, it’s quite a whole different problem. Enemies persisting even after completing the objective, some random enemy with a “revive after # seconds” which can still kill you despite all the player have to do is to open the portal and leave. Some boss spawns somewhere and snipes you across the map when you thought you’ve already completed the arena, really big UI that can’t be hidden, etc… which I hope all these would also be addressed in the future.

Also about the problem on the screenshot that I posted, it’s on the “Unlimited”(?) arena option. I did 2 (unlimited) runs in total today and both had the same issue. It’s probably just some wrong boss spawn timing and the game checking the map for “completed” status or something. I also did T1 and T2 arena and I didn’t have this problem before the boss spawned.


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