End game feels like hardcore mode - one shot mechanics

I am currently a 94 necro. After hitting around level 80, this game has turned into hardcore mode for me. One shot ground mechanics are everywhere. This is especially frustrating in dungeons where progress is lost upon first death. I am even having issues getting to the final boss.

I understand not standing in fire and being correctly punished for it, but in standard mode I should not feel on edge AT ALL TIMES bc I am constantly worried about death. Please, I do not play hardcore mode for a reason. Please reduce these mechanics or make them scaling starting out low and ramping up quickly.

I am really enjoying everything else about this game but get frustrated after 1-2 deaths in a high level dungeon and it makes me not want to play. I play video games to have fun, not feel stressed and frustrated.

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Why not? That sounds more like you just want things to be easier rather than less punishing.

The bosses are all very mechanical in LE. If you can learn the mechanics you’ll be fine. I do agree that the lower tier dungeons are sufficiently easy such that you don’t need to learn the mechanics so learning them on the higher tiers by dieing with only 1 attempt per key is very frustrating.

Hardcore isn’t harder btw, it’s just more punishing of your failures.

They do, you’ve just reached the point where your build/gear is insufficient to the content (which is inevitable given infinitely scaling content).



People need to realise that some builds will just not cut it late game. To date I have probably deleted two dozen builds completely as I found they had hit a brick wall.

These days, I have an easy yard stick, if I struggle on my first encounter with Lagon, it is an indicator that this build will not cut it long term and should be reconsidered. (I have fought and killed Lagin enough times with multiple late game chars and many many builds that I can tell right away if this is the case).


Might work now, but with that criteria, every pet build would have been thrown out the window, pre-fix :wink:

I mean, we all do. But this isn’t a “cozy” game, and that means there’s a point where you have to get better at it if you want to keep having fun. You need to learn the mechanics, improve your character and build, and improve your play.

If you’ve been getting repeatedly one shot for 14 levels, you’re either playing poorly by not avoiding damaging effects, or you’re building your character poorly by not investing in defense. Or both.

In other words, PEBCAK.

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Love it! I haven’t seen that since I retired. :nerd_face:


Look I already feel old and I don’t need this

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Almost as good as the ID-10-T error…

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I dont really come to this forum much anymore but the elitism is pretty high here

Can anyone on this forum actually login right now and kill Julra on T4 without an issue and also not die? I doubt it. I havent played this game in months and have a few characters that are setup to kill her but I would probably die on my first attempt

Whereas ive done multiple Ubers deathless this league recently in PoE. Even if I died it didnt matter as I have 6 tries

Or your skill gap is too high and the fight is too punishing or you have desync lag, server is bad; you die in 1 hit with extremely high defences. The sole reason you built those defences was to be able to take a single hit and live but alas that fails.

Julra fight is actually worse than Uber Lillith. I dont even know mathematically how she can do more than 5,000 damage with her wave without a crit. Also if you are standing dead centre of her wave attack and you use a dash movement left/right on a controller its not even enough distance to exit the wave hitbox as you cant set where you actually teleport


So I got a final unique needed for my fire minion build and got a ward relic. I have almost 1400 heath and anywhere from 300-800 ward. It has def helped some but I am scared to even waste my time on tier 4 bosses

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No, but I’m also not going to run complaining to the forums that the hardest content is too hard when I’ve spent levels 80-94 getting one shot all the time, and obviously have a severe deficiency in both my build and my play. OP didn’t say anything about T4 Julra and is expressing problems even reaching final dungeon bosses, so I don’t know why you’re trying to use that as a counter point anyway.

Games require skill. Sometimes they require more skill than a given person has. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


So far, the T4 dungeon bosses are the pinnacle bosses in the game. Whether that will continue to be the case remains to be seen, but for now, they are intended to be the toughest encounters, excluding ricockulous corruption monos.

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Absolutely. I mean you need to kill her on T4 to access the unique forge for high level crafting, so it’s something players have to do quite often.

Not only that but although I do tend to use the same toon always when running Temporal just for speed, I’m fairly sure I could kill her with a number of Alts as well. (I have 20 Alts with min level ~80, though most are 90+).

However, I could not kill her with ALL my Alts. Some are simply not strong enough to kill her. Either they are works in progress and still need a few items, or they are just not designed to kill her and never will.

No offense but 1400 health and 800 Ward is not much. I would not be happy even farming plain old 100c empowered bosses with that much, never mind Julra.

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Pretty sure that ANY boss at very high corruption would be harder than T4 Julra. Every boss in the game can scale infinitely in difficulty, except the dungeon bosses (as far as I know). I mean I haven’t formally tested it but Julra doesn’t get any harder than T4 right?

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Tell me you didn’t read the entire post, without actually telling me…

And, I don’t think they would make the infinite scaling bosses as the pinnacle targets. Because, which corruption is the pinnacle? 300? 301? Maybe 500? Or 548 perhaps? It’s all so subjective…

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My apologies, I didn’t realise that dungeons were part of the “infinity scaling” part of monos that I was refering to in the rest of the sentence that you declined to quote.

I’m sure you know this, but, infinitely scaling content will always one shot you whenever any mob so much as farts in your general direction (aka inevitably). That’s not elitist, that’s mathematical fact (and true regardless of which hemisphere you live in).

These are all true, but isn’t the first one a smidge elitist?

I’m glad you’ve been able to improve your gear, though that still seems a bit low for empowered monos, let alone t4 dungeons.

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Have you capped your resistances? do you have 100% crit immunity? Do you have more than 2k life?

I say this because I almost never get one shot in monos, maybe the problem is your build

Pffft, we don’t need that kind of elitist thought here (allegedly)…

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Games should dynamically lower difficulty to match build strength and player skill. We shouldnt expect the opposite.

Hmmm. Somehow my brain replaced “excluding” with “including”. Apologies.