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Empty screen after launch (linux)

Hi, so I bought today the game after thinking back and forth about obtaining it for a few months.

I installed it on Linux Mint 19.1 and downloaded everything both via the standalone launcher and steam and when I launch the game. I just get an empty screen, nothing happens, same error both ways.

I’ve tried different nvidia drivers but no luck at all.

Is this a known error? Any work-around?

Thanks a lot.

Haven’t had this particular problem on Gentoo Linux so far.
Have you tried starting the game from a CLI? You might find some useful information in the output as to what is not working.
I’m also assuming you chose the correct version and you’re not trying to run the Windows version (which should run in Wine, but it might need additional tweaks to work).

Hi @Mikrotherion, thanks for the reply, yes, I am using the Linux version and not the windows one. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that I did run it via CLI and the only thing that it says is the logging to the Player.log file and when I check it, it doesn’t seem to give any particular error asides from a “non found”:

Shader ‘MysticArsenal/MysticHSV’: fallback shader ‘Particles/Additive’ not found

I could always post the entire file, maybe I am missing something…

What version of the nvidia drivers do you use? I normally use 390 and I’ve never ever had any issue with a game.

I have a GTX 1060 and use version 430.14 of the nvidia drivers.

The whole log file might be a bit on the big side (mine’s more than 150MB), but if yours is a manageable size, go ahead and post it on pastebin and link it here.

I found what “the issue” was, sort of… I left the empty window open for a while and after a few minutes it froze my entire computer, couldn’t move the cursor or anything, went to sleep with the hope that it will do something eventually (after a few forced reboots) and it actually did, woke up ingame, changed the settings and all that and now the issue seems to be “solved”.

I say “solved” because I get the same issue whenever the game “decides” to freeze the whole computer… if I force the reboot the log file just gets screwed up and unreadable, which is a shame because that would give some insight.

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