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Elemental marksman need buffs?

Hi i dont know about you but it feels like cinderstrike and lightning arrow do rly low dmg compared to puncture/flurry and multishoot. even if you combine diffrent stacks to buff elelemntal dmg it feels bad compared to the other skills viabel for marksman.

Detonating Arrow can be a really cool clear skill. The skill feels slower than flurry/puncture but it compensates for this with the bigger damage numbers.

The poison version is strong in combination with acid flask poison debuffs.

Don’t think of DA as if it is a purely elemental skill. It scales well with everything crit related and armour shred, no matter which element you choose.

Its bin a while I played a DA Marksman and Multishot got buffed a lot since then. So I can’t really judge the current balance.

But I was very satisfied with both, cold and lightning branch of the skill.

ok thx will epxeriment whit the critts but wanted to have an ele,mental build insted of a crit build. if i go crit i can just go multishot build

Yeah I get that. But thematically you get an elemental build. You have the shock support with the Lightning branch or freeze with the cold branch. And the skill itself also plays very differently compared to multishot (imho).

Also I don’t mean to abandon elemental damage scaling. Just that you should not skip the crit stuff.

Personally I don’t like the elemental arrow branch of the passive tree and always go the right side with crit chance, vulnerability and multi.

Yep, as RAW said, Detonating Arrow is in a good spot. You can even make a decent non Crit build out of the Fire/Cold/Lightning version for DA with 2x flat dmg prefixes on Osprix Bow and always attacking with additional 32 Flat Fire/Lightning dmg from ‘‘Elemental Arrows’’. One point into ‘‘Fire and Steel’’ using Puncture or Flurry as your mana regenerators gives you the opportunity to scale a lot of extra dmg.
Cinder Strike is just missing alot of dmg multiplier nodes in the tree compared to skills like Multishot or Detonating Arrow. It is strong in early game because of the high amount of flat dmg you can get, but in late game it lacks dmg scaling.

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Is this also true for the ignite build variant?

I really like the whole skilltree around Ignite for CS. The dex scaling fire dmg over time, poison to ignite conversion, ignite effect and fire pen, 100% ignite chance burning daggers… the whole concept is really cool. With decent gear you can do good dmg but you really have to go for the poison to ignite conversion since the ignite uniques are not the best defensive items for marksman :frowning:
But its more the playstyle and mechanic around ailments for marksman making it harder to compete against crit builds.
We had a big discussion about this here:

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