Electricity spell blade

Starting up this game, level 26, still haven’t unlocked the spell blade.

I’m looking to do electricity spell blade. Is it viable or is cold just superior?

lightning is absolutely viable. i think it’s better than cold.

shock reduces enemy lightning resistance, and there’s no limit to how many stacks you can put on an enemy other than how many you can apply before they start to fall off. that makes it easier to scale lightning damage than cold, although both are viable.

check out this build for an example of how you can build one, although other versions are also viable: Surge Lightning Blast and Static Charger 0.8.1b

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While your statement that lightning is very good holds true.


This is incorrect. Shock does have a cap of 20 stacks (like other shreds)

The only difference being, there is still regular lightning resistance shred, which has also 20 stack cap.

So lightning is defintiely the strongest element in terms of resistance shred, but it has 40 stack cap = -80% lightning resistance (if you combine shock and shred)

my mistake, for some reason i thought it worked like poison, but according to tunklab you’re right. i must have mixed it up at some point.

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