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Earthscorcher warpath

Hi. Iv done a little testing and it seems the bleed chance from my weapon is not converting to ignite for warpath using the earthscorcher node. There is a thread that was replied to by EHG all the way back in january and then when the OP responded never got another reply…almost a year later and the issue still isnt addressed.

Sad coming to this game and reaching end game only to realize my gearing is severely gimped due to a bug/wording issue that has been known about for almost a year…does not give me very much hope.

Also sad to see this game pushing for a multiplayer full release with bugs as basic as this tbh.

When wolcen was released the “deal damage to targets further away” passive node was bugged and didnt get fixed for 9 months, will this game really hold a worse track record for repairs then wolcen does? YIKES if so…

Hey there, welcome to the forums.

I am pretty sure that this is purely a question of priorities and resources. There are plenty of other issues that are more likely to be experienced by players that are still being dealt with. Yes, I am looking at you Lagon.

EHG is a relatively small dev studio and has been forced by player demand to focus on multiplayer, putting a lot of other features and improvements on hold in the process.

The most recent push to 0.9 is also merging the single player (that we all currently play) code base with the internal multiplayer version so besides fixing things they are refactoring everything into one version going forward.

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that LE is not released yet. Its still beta and everything that comes with that applies. There are still 3 classes to come, plenty of skill reworks and much more content and balancing that would and could affect existing builds. There are UI improvements that have been on hold for considerably longer than the bug you mention.

Not saying that any of us are not frustrated by bugs etc (its a warning on the login screen) its just that there is far more going on than most people realise.

Pretty sure EHG will get to everything eventually.

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Ty for the reply and i imagine my post came off more aggressive than intended. Its just rather frustrating that at first glance warpath has void nodes, bleed leading into fire, and forged weapons. My first build iv gone completely into fire paladin stuff and geared for ignite/bleed accounting for earthscorcher. Now to find out my entire character, while viable, will be MUCH harder to gear due to not being able to gear bleed/ignite.

Its just extremely lame considering its a regular node on the skill tree and not some weird niche interaction.

There is tons of conversion in this game. If this one node isnt converting correctly it should be an easy fix (should be imo im ignorant of game dev). The fact that such an obvious bug that has been seen by EHG staff has gone unfixed for almost a year does not give me as a new player looking into this game much hope…i understand community pressure to release MP and stuff. But come on…sit one dude in the corner and say “hey, double check every skill passive node to make sure they are functioning correctly and let us know.” Which can be extremely narrowed down by the bug reports telling you exactly that on these very forums…:rant

Sure. This particular bug is annoying. I have tried a build that used it but obviously never bothered when i realized what you have. Honestly i have been here for long enough now to know that this kind of issue happens often where one particular node doesn’t work as expected and it can throw off a build idea. Sometimes its working as designed and the wording is wrong, others its not working as intended and joins the bug list. Sometimes its a particular interaction with other skills, passives or items that causes the problem.

Discord is full of theorycrafters designing and testing things like this and bringing each to the devs attention. Some of the interactions they discover the average player is unlikely to ever notice and others are not really bugs but more like ‘exploits’ that also need to be fixed.

Regarding the dev. Yes it may seem like an easy thing to fix but you have to remember that this version is old separate code so its got to be changed on the new development code. And because they are merging everything its highly likely that any changes to the old version are stopped. Even if this was a bugfix to the current code, there are also issues around testing and qa - it may be a simple enough fix but because it impacts so many other parts of the game, it can take time to vet and make sure its not breaking something else. I can assure you its definitely not one dude sitting in the corner. I have 2k hours in LE and there are entire classes that i still dont know exactly how certain skill interactions work enough to be able to realize that there could be an error. Then there is the release cycle which the devs have explained can take up to two weeks or longer just to ship a patch. The devs actually explained part of this in older dev blogs. Add all these factors together and simple becomes complex and time consuming.

So yeah, its a bug that will need fixing but hey, thats why we are playing a beta, its sort of expected that we will find bugs and report them.

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The question Justin asked in the previous thread, do you have any proc or subskills that don’t get converted that could be applying the bleeds? Could you upload your character to the build planner and link it?

No not proccing anything else. Since i swapped to a sceptre and shield i dont apply bleed anymore. But in the process i lost 200% bleed chance because i had an exalted bleed chance 2h axe i managed to supe up.

Confirmed again, Earthscorcher not converting passive bleed sources and gear / idol bleed sources. Warpath only, no procs - still 15+ bleed stacks.