Early Access Development Forecast

Thanks for the forecast and the FAQ, it’s great to know where things are heading, and helps being patient for some features where all we knew before was “its coming someday, maybe next month maybe in 6months”.
Good luck and keep working hard <3

In which phase is the game actually?

This is a forward-looking forecast.

Patch 0.7.2, which will be released later this month, forms part of Phase 1.


I think that this has been inevitable - at least to some extent.

The Bazaar is likely to be one of the features where pre-release testing is the least representative of how things will be long-term. This doesn’t apply to all feedback - criticism regarding the UI, for example - but the economy will work differently when it has substantially more people participating in it, so we’ve been anticipating the need for changes post-release.

Simplicity; giving prospective players one less thing to learn.

We try to make the game intuitive where possible. While whether a ‘prologue’ chapter is counted as being a chapter or not won’t make or break the game’s player comprehension, we think it would be expected, and we don’t see a pressing need to go against that expectation.

Thanks. I suppose you’re right. And it was wishing thinking on my part that we could possibly converge on an optimal solution within early access.

I guess I was just worried that post release, there may be too much inertia (and probably some good reasons not) to change things, that it would be difficult to continue iterating; much like how POE had largely stuck to the same trading infrastructures from 6 years ago. But hearing that you folks are anticipating the need for changes post release is heartening.

I am actually so hyped for these phases to come to Last Epoch, I love you guys.


Every class I want is Phase 4 D= I guess it’ll be one hell of a release!

I’ve added another question to post #2 of this thread.

While not a question I’ve seen posed by the community, I have observed some confusion regarding the scope of the forecast - likely due to people assuming it was released alongside the game entering beta / Steam Early Access, rather than several months later.

What is the scope of this forecast?

Our Early Access Forecast was posted on the 30th of July.

We first released builds to the community during Last Epoch’s pre-alpha stage of development in late 2017, the game entered Steam Early Access on the 30th of April 2019, and it is scheduled to release in April 2020 with substantial, ongoing post-release development.

The Early Access Forecast focuses on development between the forecast itself being posted, and the game leaving Steam Early Access. The pre-alpha and alpha stages of development, updates to the game after launch, and beta content released between the game entering beta / Steam Early Access and the forecast being posted are all not reflected in the forecast.


I’m just now noticing that pvp isn’t on this list. Is it intended to be included as part of multiplayer in phase 3, or potentially something that will be introduced after launch?

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I just realized that too. Hopefully it’s included in the multiplayer section or will be released very soon after the games release date. PVP is one of the main reasons why I chose to purchase the game. I miss the old days of D2 PVP. Hopefully the devs don’t forget about PVP.

Sooo time rifts??? is that like a Rifts like d3??? (i really hope not) d3 totally went in the wrong direction with 0 trading for the most part and rifts is not the most enjoyable thing to do.

but if time rifts means going back into the past of last epoch world then that could be fun! :stuck_out_tongue: i hope the best for this game and will def buy it!

replying to myself totally forgot that time rifts is going to the past or something of the game and OOPS that totally sounds awesome. i knew i read something but could not remember where :stuck_out_tongue:

Well. It really depends on what going to the past actually means. I think someone touched on this point before - if going back to the past is just thematic, ie the game just kinda says you’re now in an earlier era. Then that might not be too interesting since it’s materially no different if the game says ure in time X instead of time Y vs at location X instead of location Y.

What would really be interesting if the devs could mechanically inject this idea of time traveling (whatever that may be because I simply couldn’t imagine how it might look like). That is, gameplay mechanics that evokes the feeling of time traveling.

I think that’s the goal ultimately, like when you travel through time to open the door to that one place I always get stuck in, even though I just have to open a door, and I miss it everytime hahah

I really like the idea though, it reminds me of the Red Plate in Guardia Castle in Chrono Trigger.

Still looking forward to and hopeful for performance enhancements. The game plays like I’m slogging through mud in it’s current state.


i agree with you but if you go… and look at the map of the game it seems to show 3 different maps 3 diff eras pass middle and NOW looks kinda cool! i think the map seems kinda small in a way tho! like some of the pass should be hidden somewhere in the present even if a little :stuck_out_tongue: could be a cool mechanic if done right i read and checked more into it after i posted it.

yeah got this feeling to,there’s not enough action imo. but then again this is still beta so i really keep up with this game to see what it brings when its finished.

Is this an indication until April of next year? I look forward to completion :smiley_cat:

image was updated 17 nov 2020


Nice works Team. I just in on the game every few months, and I am loving seeing all the improvements.