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Duratas's Fire Aura Potion Stacker Forge Guard Sentinel Build Guide 0.8.4F

Hello again,

my other builds:
Duratas’s Aurammerdin Void Knight Sentinel 0.8.4

Enjoy my build: [still in progress]

Lootfilter: Lootfilter Fire Aura Potion Stacker 0.8.4 -

Youtube: Duratas

Last Epoch 0.8.4F Fire Aura Potion Stacker Arenamap Gameplay Lvl 90 - YouTube
Last Epoch 0.8.4F Fire Aura Potion Stacker Storm Shade of Orobyss lvl 90 - YouTube
Last Epoch 0.8.4F Fire Aura Potion Stacker Elder Gaspar lvl 90 - YouTube
more vids coming soon…
Follow me for progress-> Twitch Duratas

Updates follow in Commentary:

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Hi, very interesting build interaction. I have a couple of remarks and questions. First, how long does the fire aura persist and does it make a difference if you trigger it multiple times? Otherwise you could replace cinder coat for something that benefits the build more?

Also, I found this build the other day that is pretty similar, using warpath and volatile to get Mana back while dealing damage with consecrated aura from judgement. It has the same scaling tags as fire aura and shreds bosses really hard. So in case you like to play around, you could try to combine both builds and use two auras with the same scaling tags at once. It would require to play paladin though for the judgement skill…
Link is here: [Guide] Judgement Consecrated Ground Paladin -- Complete build guide for 0.8.3 - YouTube
The drawback I see with this build is that if you mess up volatile then you have no Mana generator to get it back.

Another thought would be to try a variant of this with flurry bladedancer and hubris gloves.

Hi, im still figuring out.

Fire Aura Duration → 3 sec. and no stacking or refreshing the time. It count as 2 Aura if you drink 2 Potion. This mean 500dmg x2 = 1000 dmg. The only problem is that the first 500dmg count for 3 sec and the second for another 3 sec.

the forge guard has a nice potion chance, if a potion is recent used + 4 x source from gear but i try something with attack speed for more potion on bosses and i need a belt with more slots.

i want the exsanguin chest it would give me the 30% atk speed on potion and the convert with the potion conv. its nice for potion generator on hit.

i try your ideas and update this build if i know more. thank you for the ideas :smiley:

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What are you doing with void cleave? you can’t use it unless you give up ignivars head. witch you woudln’t do because it is a fire aura unique. correct me if I’m wrong :).

He was probably using a 2h at some point and hasn’t replaced it in the planner (@boardman21 is notorious for that) but he’s not allocated any points in it.

Hey, i only use the Hellish Chasm. The convert void to fire shred works for all skills. I used the blessings for double shred from void and fire because it stacks. I stopped this build because the find potion % on gear dont work. I think it will be playable 90+ if the potions drops more frequently.

Alright, good to know. Ya the build looked unique for sure, so was willing to give it a spin haha. Honestly last post was 9 months ago figured I wouldn’t get a reply XD.

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